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for Family Therapy Cullen Style

9/1 c17 Lostinstories
I loved it. Laughed so hard. Thank you!
8/22 c17 Queen Mishawaka
So funny! You are a very skilled writer.
8/8 c18 22Bright Anarchy
This was awesome. Thanks for writing.
10/30/2022 c17 Wolvie26
Lmfao! Love it!
10/18/2022 c18 Cknsw
That was fun. Thank you.
7/13/2022 c1 2Alexandramay
Just coming back here to say that I absolutely enjoy this fic, I can’t believe it’s still here. I come back and read it ever so often, and will never think of my top favourite fics without mentioning this one. Thank you for making some extremely awkward encounters with friends, and various family members etc etc, The reason being I laughed out loud multiple times. It has been amazing.
XO Alex
7/6/2022 c1 yriz3
I read this tweet today:

“that fic you read and have never forgotten. yeah, you know the one. the one that sits with you and you still think about every once in a while. go back to that fic and leave a comment, telling the author that you’ve never forgotten it”

Well, this is me leaving that comment. My very first fic.. cant believe it’s still here, so easy to go back to as well Over the past decade I’ve read hundreds of fics and this is definitely one that stayed with me. I unfortunately don’t posses the way with words like you do, to describe why it has stayed with me till this day. But it has ️
3/29/2022 c17 10dobbysfirstsock
OMG! This is by far the funniest fanfiction—no, wait, story in general—I have ever read. I laughed out loud countless times. I can only imagine being that poor therapist.
3/27/2022 c6 5RosemaryElizabeth
Amazing love it
3/27/2022 c4 RosemaryElizabeth
OMG that was hilarious LOL
3/27/2022 c3 RosemaryElizabeth
Dr Dover pov was interesting, can’t wait for more XO
3/27/2022 c2 RosemaryElizabeth
Hiso sad the chapters over :p. so funny
3/27/2022 c1 RosemaryElizabeth
Oh, awesome intro. Re-reading this, first time I read it it literally made me laugh so hard and it was 2 amMy mum came in my room and asked what I was laughing out so I had to show her, embarrassing but anyway awesome
3/22/2022 c18 Lillywhite1
Thanks for writing this wonderful story!
1/7/2022 c17 SupGirl95
Thank you so much for this wild ride. It’s so good coming back to this fic and having a genuine laugh at and with these characters. Loved coming back to this fic! Hope you are well! Have a great day
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