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8/2/2011 c4 RubyBabyDragon
Did anyone ever adopt this?
7/8/2008 c3 Catherine
i really like this story. I hope you update soon.
7/7/2008 c1 Catherine
I really love this idea. I hope theres more to come.
1/23/2008 c3 mightymic
There's a cople of points I'd like to make:

Scot is Cyclops who's eyes are powere light rays not a psychic.

I don't think magneto ever taught at the school but that is the impression we are left with.

I couldn't tell, was Ellen pissed at the boys, giving them shit or not. I couldn't tell from the flow of the coversation? More important was she saying they were in any way responable for the openning of the gate? I sure as hell hope not! They did everything the could to stop it and people blame them for it. That really pisses me off, even more when they put up with the abuse.

If you watch the show closely more often than not it is Dean that is saving Sam's ass and not the other way around.

The mythology of the Supernatural series mantains that as children Dean basicly raised Sam cared for and protected him not the other way around. (Sam to Dean: You were ny hero, I looked to you, I wanted to be you)

You got things a little bit bass acwords and its to bad becouse I really like the premis.
1/20/2008 c3 Moon Lovegood
Nice story. I like it.
1/20/2008 c3 nytlyt
I like the jedi phrase it was humorous. Update soon please
1/20/2008 c3 lilgurlgreen
Cool so far! Can't wait till the next update!
1/20/2008 c3 2Potzy375
Awesome chapter! I hope you update before you go away cause 7 weeks is a really long time. But if you don't I understand, its just I'm not a patient person, you can even ask my family and friends. :-) Anywho have fun on your trip.
1/20/2008 c3 1lelann37
enjoyed the chapter! poor sam, can't even be a mutant like dean...hehe, thanks for the update
1/20/2008 c3 5Motherlyclucker
Aww, oh well, have fun on your farm, and I'll be waiting for your next update!
1/20/2008 c3 2SupernaturalSweetheart
Forks...Washington...huh! See your a twilight fan then. I love the story it's great keep it up!
1/20/2008 c3 5Jas-TheMaddTexan
Cool. I know how it feels to be busy. Just get it up as soon as you can.
1/20/2008 c3 15Gala000085
Glad you updated! That was a great chapter!
1/20/2008 c3 Dan
good new chapters keep up the good work...so what's gonna happen with Sam he was kind of dark in this chapter, i see hime like Jean becuz they have some of the same powers so is he gonna join Magneto or the Demons?
1/19/2008 c3 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
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