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10/25/2010 c1 36francis2
So romantic. Thank you! This was fun and very endearing.
10/2/2010 c1 19-SmegHead-93
Really great. You got the characters so well I could actually picture this happening in the show.

I've noticed you keep spelling a particular word wrong; even in another story: 'thru'. It's supposed to be spelt 'through'. The way you write it is like the 'Drive Thru' at a take-out - the shortened, text-like, version.

7/19/2009 c1 mistyjay
Oh that was l-o-o-o-ovely!
3/19/2009 c1 5rainbowjellyfish
Lovely! Very sweet! :-)
1/18/2008 c1 2mizukimarr910
tell me your working on the christmas squeal? come on don't deny us. we live for this stuff.

thanx great story please keep writing and update agian soon.

12/3/2007 c1 1Nyra Lion
That was so funny! Great story!
11/29/2007 c1 17CarolinaH.Manning
that was so fluffy. I love fluff. fluff suits them really well
11/28/2007 c1 15ForensicsFreak1988
Now this is just BEGGING to be turned into a Christmas story... early tho... like right now early... lol.
11/25/2007 c1 10sopranoprince
Wow, that was amazing! This is the absolute first Moonlight fic I've seen on here and what an opener! Hehe amazing!
11/23/2007 c1 lil pink pixie
love love love! great story from a great show!

11/17/2007 c1 LadySt. John
I loved this short story! I don't think I would change anything. The scenes were touching and the "date" was sweet. You did a great job with the dialog and setting the scene. It was not overly done in areas like some fanfic is. I look forward to reading more work that you do!
11/17/2007 c1 kitty whisperer
Great story ! You have captured the essense of what their relationship should be . Will be waiting for chapter two ... Anxiously !
11/17/2007 c1 28Puck and Rachel fan
I loved it.

11/16/2007 c1 3Of-The-Stars
Yum... Great story... I really enjoyed it! and the historical perspective :D

Hoping for more :)
11/11/2007 c1 Kitty
This was brillaint. I absolutely loved it!
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