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11/26/2008 c2 18Holix
"It's a Wonderful Day," the Mister Rodger's song? OMGWTFBBQHOLACRAPA!11!11!ELEVEN!FOURTY-TWO!34!#$!#$!QUESTION!%!#$!14!OF LIFE$!#$%!^!#

I love that song... Crazy, amazing dream, by the way.
11/26/2008 c1 Holix
Oh, epic randomness. I love it so. And actually, I HAVE thought about what Alucard's clothes are, and I THINK their his 'essence' persay. But really, I'm just #$^in' it, so your guess is as good as mine!
11/21/2007 c2 8mslcat

I've had wacko dreams before, even written a few, and believe me Alucard's not the only one confused.

Does Integra eat truffles before bed?
11/17/2007 c2 deletedaccountnumber7
...Wow. Kinda crazy. But it's a true thought... are his clothes really part of his flesh? *shudders* Actually, it's kind of a creepy thought... O.o

11/10/2007 c1 1Matoska
So sorry...laughing too hard to write a serious review...maybe later...roflmao

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