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6/12/2011 c9 29Fate Camiswhil
loved this so much! I even included it in my favorites!

wish you could continue writing!

6/12/2011 c7 Fate Camiswhil
Awww! Nicol is co cute!

I'd probably do the same if he was with me, lol! if only it was possible!

sorry Athrun, no kisses for you... this is Nicol's chapter!

I love this chapter! I love Nicol! I actually used the nick-name 'Nicky' for him too in my fics! lol!

great job!

6/12/2011 c6 Fate Camiswhil
"as long as you're on top of me." ~ lol! at that line!

this is such a great fic!

love the fight scene and the position... wahaha!

6/11/2011 c3 Fate Camiswhil
Oh! I love that song!

at first I thought Dearka would just be a perverted date then be gone but it was nice for you to give him a moment with Mir... nice, DeaMir!

on to the next!
6/11/2011 c2 Fate Camiswhil
Lol! at Sai and the cherry! that scene was so funny, I couldn't help but review about it!

gotta go to the next chapter now!

3/20/2011 c9 2Jodeist

Could you please make an extra chapter about their marriage or something like that? Lease answer me^^
4/8/2010 c9 2InOcEnT-schoolgirl
hey ^^ Well, i think this comes into the 'god knows when' category of getting a review for this story, I have read it before quite a while ago, but I might not have reviewed. I loved this, thought it was way too cute ^_^ and liked the way you portrayed the coy interaction between Athrun and Cagalli as the dates went on ^^

Well Done

9/6/2009 c9 1kimborliee
ah! i love this story! i couldn't stop reading it! Although there are the gramatical errors every now and again, but i LOVED it! so much better than my story that you reviewed, which btw thank you for that. But either way, i await the epilogue :) thanks for suck a wonderful story to pass the time.
8/26/2009 c1 9Xx Meisha xX
I don't know why you keep bashing on your writing, because from what I've seen so far I have to say that I'm impressed! And I know you already have the other chapters up, but I'm still going to tell you that I can't wait to see what happens.

I want to see how the dates turn out. xD

Oh, and Lacus seems so sweet. Worried about Cagalli's happiness even when she doesn't know the girl. Sounds like her.

I found the male chefs' comment pretty funny. I wonder what they'll look like in the kitchen. Hopefully it won't end in a disaster.

Why does Athrun sound so doubtful? Guess Cagalli will just have to show him.

Once again... I really like your writing style!

- Archerygurl
7/29/2009 c2 chillaxin101
You accidentally wrote "whore" instead "wore" when you were describing Kisaka at the beginning of the chapter...:P

And nice concept (story wise)! =)
6/20/2009 c9 kawaiiyoukai04
you're great! keep up the good work! continue to write stories!... =D
3/6/2009 c9 EmeraldOnyxLuv
Thats so cute, please write a sequel Xd
12/9/2008 c9 19Cagalli-01
I loved this story but the end didn't feel right. It was like it wasn't finished. Also I would have liked to know what they did after. So I really suggest that you make an epilogue or a sequel. That would be awesome :) and good luck to future stories that you create :)
12/1/2008 c9 11Automailjunkie44
Very cute fic! I really liked it! If u every feel like it u should totally add more :) Great job!
11/23/2008 c9 athazala
Well, it's worth the wait I suppose,'coz you have finally finished the chapter!Congratulations! Well done! It really is a wonderful story! But, I wonder if this is really the ending you want? Because if it is, I feel that there's more to it than just that. You could have than better, knowing you're a very good writer! Well, maybe many things are keeping you busy.I understand. I hope you could make a sequel to this story or something...or maybe another story would sound better!-giggles- I'm hoping for a another story SOON...
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