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10/11 c4 Daggerxxx
And what's the difference? Everything is the same as in the canon. Jesus, even Touji's sister got hurt again.
9/16 c16 Locating
Da boyz believe that Shinji is da biggest, da strongest, and capable of krumpin' anifing that crosses his path, so he is!
8/17 c1 Hans ulfric
Just from the first chap i cant understand but i wish u luck author
7/5 c52 scruiser
This fanfic has been a true journey. I remember first reading it around 2011, as I graduated high school and entered college. This fanfic articulated humanism to me in a way that helped me break free of my right-wing young-earth-creationist evangelical-fundamentalist upbringing. Since then, my views have grown more nuanced than the humanism I initially learned from maniacs with chainsaw-swords, but this fic will always hold a special place in my heart. It was rough seeing the updates only slowly trickle over the last decade, but it was worth it and we are near the end!

About this chapter more specifically, it was fun seeing the remix of the original ending. And you are right, the American military rarely gets slapped around. Thanks to Pentagon grants to movies and TV shows (transformers and stargate both come to mind off the top of my head), it seems like many fictional portrayals of the US military suck up to it a lot. And hopefully for the American audience seeing US soldiers get beaten down by the Children will make them better realize the tragedy of human vs human conflict at the End of Evangelion.
7/2 c14 1Panjason
Damn it… I enjoyed this so much until Shinji kissed Asuka. Honestly what Asuka needs is a proper brother not a lover. She’s too insecure for a relationship.
Whatever the ride was quite the high anyway.
5/24 c10 POIX
I hate weak protagonist’s or when the protagonist is helpless because I project myself on to them when they feel like shit, trash, helpless, and weak I do too... it’s one of the reasons why I read so much shitty isekai manga and novels so fucking much.

Sorry about this rant just gotta let this shit out

In other words I’m enjoying this your absolutely fantastic dude
5/15 c3 Guest
This is fucking epic
5/13 c52 2IcyStream
is this going to get updated, or is this the last chapter?
5/6 c1 Guest
That's a hell of a start.
4/22 c20 5Lord-Argent-fourth-of-his-name
I LOVED how Ritsuko found a spine, Incidentally, I watched the EoE today, and I find your take on that not necessarily better, but it definitely resonates more with me.
4/20 c14 Lord-Argent-fourth-of-his-name
It is refreshing to read a story from someone who understands that blueberries are not good people, they are not on your side, and they need fuckin Exterminatus or Waaargh to hit them hard...
4/7 c1 30Manga154
I read the story so long ago when it first popped up, and there was so much I couldn't appreciate about it. But now starting to reread it again after all this time, I am looking forward to it.
3/17 c1 3Godfather Kira Doughboy
what is up with the formag from chapter 5 onwards?
3/13 c15 TheLostArchivist
I have to say that your perverted Eldar is the REAL best character in this story. :D
2/24 c13 pwtcmcneil
first time I've seen a story that added warhammer 40k elements to make it LESS grimdark
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