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for Journey to the Dark Side: A Lore Story, REDUX

10/1/2012 c26 3Lydia Gastrell
I must say that I am truly impressed with this story, both for its content and its writing style. The dialogue is very forward and not buried in too much description, yet I don't feel like I'm reading a script (which is, sadly, quite common with stories on this site).

I love the premise of the story mostly because it is entirely believable. It makes much more sense for us to believe that Lore was driven to hate humans, rather than just "being born that way", as has sometimes been proposed. I also like the lack of emotional maturity that the author gives Lore because it presents good characters development. It is much more organic (pun intended) than just having Lore's personality fully formed from the very beginning.

And finally, I love, love, love, the attention to canon detail! Canon is never perfect (we all know that), but the way in which the author melded in actual dialogue from the series shows a real dedication to getting it right. He even melding in some of the memories that Julianne Soogn. Top Notch! -LG
10/1/2012 c2 Lydia Gastrell
Amazing! I love that sudden line "I wonder how long will take you to run out of air." Bam! It's like you can already see he's going to be a maniacal bastard ) -LG
5/1/2008 c1 HadesLady
I like it. Lore is such a great character. He has his beliefs and stands by them. I also get the feelings he was rejected and/or mistreated on the colony. I also think it's interesting how Lore rejects Juliana but not Noonien. Keep up the great work. BTW can you tell I'm not the best with reviews. Best wishes and luck.
4/10/2008 c26 4AlfabetSoop
Yay a sequel! That was a good story, I really like how you show what Lore's doing isn't out of malice, just a twisted perception. Well I'm off to read the sequel, can't wait to read more!- Soop
4/10/2008 c26 2Kontona
Wow... Somehow you managed to fix so many threads into this story... I'm mighty impressed! You brought me a whole new way to look at Lore which matched perfectly. =3 Talk about corrupt, but now I pity him...

Just... wow. xD

I'll definetly stay tuned for the sequel! =D
4/8/2008 c26 14swisstony
What a great fic: D

I just finished it, it was really bitter sweet: )

Oh a sequil I'll look out 4 that...
4/8/2008 c26 Sarek Fan
Hello, my friend!

Brent's acting in this ep while masterful is rather ominous. I'm really grateful that you supply Lore's final internal thoughts as Data shuts him down...they make it easier to empathize with and desire hope for *both* brothers. Especially appreciate Lore's thought before the fateful: 'I love you, Brother.' :) *Hugs*

Onward and upward toward the warm rays of hope, I say! I eagerly await PTR's debut! :D
4/8/2008 c26 23spacecadet777
Liked it alot. can't wait to read the sequel..Kathleen
4/8/2008 c1 14swisstony
Great first chapter: D

Very interesting: )
2/22/2008 c24 Sarek Fan
Hello, my friend!

I applaud your willingness to grant Lore several things he never had in cannon...especially, he chance at love. I am eagerly awaiting more! :D

Bravo! Good job. More, please!
12/9/2007 c24 7StarTrekFan72
you have written another interesting chapters, in part it is the plot of the episode which we have seen in TV, in part it is the sequel with the love story with Jackie; you have a very good style, much better than mine, but you have a different vision of life. It is a pity to see the death of Jackie...
12/6/2007 c24 3Pateena

Simply beautiful. I love that you wrote more to this story. I felt so sad for Jackie and Lore. That his hatered went so deeply. I do hope you continue on the story as well and maybe later on you could write a story of Lores come back. Maybe something between him and B-4. That would be kind of cool. Since we all know Data is dead or maybe not... You could always do something with Lore since he was just taken apart. Someone maybe puts Lore back together sneaks him out of storage or something.

I like how you write your characters espacialy Jackie she feels very real to me. As for Lore when he is with Jackie he felt more real. There were some times where I did feel it was drawen out a little but for the most part you kept it exciteing.

11/27/2007 c1 23spacecadet777
Loved it. It was a good story, and you had a good plot twist in there. Keep up the good work.
11/26/2007 c24 4AlfabetSoop
NO! That's so sad :( and yet beautiful as well. Wow...are you going to add more?-Soop
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