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for The Art of Breaking

3/17/2008 c2 anon
All this is is the angsty moanings of a teenager, stirred together with enough wank to kill a littler of kittens.
11/14/2007 c1 1vampiricANGELxo
I like it, I really do. Poor Riku. It seems you've joined the 'DARK SIDE!' ehehe. Well, it's...depressing, but very good. Yay. Good job, Cassiekins!

11/14/2007 c1 7Kupo3.0
mediocre angst

good job

i suggest continuing
11/14/2007 c1 14Pinowlgi
nice, i liked it! everyone is so bent onmaking riku emo...but hey it works! he's the same in my FF, Poor riku, anyhoo... hope u write more!

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