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4/20/2009 c1 2Jeremy Shane
good story
11/20/2007 c1 5For You Blue
Really lovely job. Well done on such a sweet story. :)
11/14/2007 c1 1The Randomist
LOL, they can't call the baby Clark Jr! Haha, that was so funny!

I love your oneshots! Please write more!
11/14/2007 c1 2tweets
That was gorgeous. I still haven't figured out what was missing from the last one.
11/14/2007 c1 3thekiller00
That was a great one shot !
11/14/2007 c1 starksnstripes
nice! :D :P
11/14/2007 c1 super12
That was a great lil one-shot!

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