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2/4/2017 c29 serena23
Please update your story again soon!
12/22/2015 c29 1bjq
3/21/2015 c29 cecy cantu
to finish it please
9/20/2014 c27 Guest
Loved this story!
5/28/2014 c29 lili200986
non sa peux pas se terminer comme ├ža, il faut une suite s'il vous plait la suite ! Votre histoire est super c'est cruel de ne pas la terminer ! s'il vous plait !
3/22/2012 c29 Long Live BRUCAS
Loved Gibbs being there for Tony. And letting his parental feeling show to take care of Tony and just be there for him.

As he got up from Tony's desk, Agent Crimson muttered, "Sacks was right, you guys are all crazy."

McGee, keeping his head down was trying, but not quite succeeding, to keep the smile off his face. Gibbs was having more success at hiding his grin, and then he put on his scowl.

Bella just sighed, and then as she walked past she patted Gibbs on the shoulder.

"It's not easy being a parent to that one, is it?" Love it. She has only know Gibbs for a little and can see he thinks of Tony as his son/child. Even Marcus can see it too.

Over the next 30 minutes or so, Tony had reached into the back seat a couple of times.

After the third time Gibbs barked out "DiNozzo! Are you going to be doing that the whole trip?"

Looking at him with an innocent look pasted on his face, Tony said, "Probably" Gibbs just shook his head, thinking that although it was good to see that Tony seemed to be getting back to normal, it was like driving with a fidgety 5 year old in the car. Ha-Ha I can so see Tony being like that.

As he watched Tony working out with a punching bag the first thing he noticed was just how hard he was hitting the bag. Even though he knew that was kind of the point, it still made him a little nervous.

C'mon Tim, it's only Tony."

"That's what I'm afraid of" McGee thought as he headed for the elevator. Tony wont kill ya Tim. Maybe just scare you a bit. Glad they had a good talk and Tony was Ok with what Tim found/read.


Glancing from one to the other and sensing the tension Ziva spoke up. "I think I will just take the stairs." Good choice Ziva.
12/22/2011 c29 Thephoenix1996
hey this is a great story

but could you make tony have a breakdown and gibbs being there being all pap-bear on him

10/11/2009 c29 Sarah1965
I found this story by chance and what a fantastic story it was, a real rollercoaster of a ride and I love the way Gibbs was there for Tony. You mentioned in chapter 29 that there was one more chapter to go, which has never been posted, are you likely to post this final chapter or have you changed your mind?
7/1/2009 c29 7Sason
Wow! Can I just say how great a story this is. It has all the elements of what an ep would have and I think that is a credit to you and your ability to read and remember the characters as they are. I was engrossed from the minute I started reading it and I can't wait for the eventual last chapter lol (I only say this because you have said for the last four chapters that the next one will be the last and I can't help but laugh because I do the same thing lol)

One thing I think I should mention though is that Tony is going to have one hell of a headache after about maybe 15 headslaps he received in this story. lol. I'm not complaining, it mearly being an observation rather than a criticism.

Once again well done and I really enjoyed reading this.

7/1/2009 c21 Sason
I didn't forget but I have been reading it without updates to wait for so if this was actually in book format you just hit the jackpot :D

BTW also had a bit of a feeling he was the guy no offense...
7/1/2009 c9 Sason
lol - just reading your stuff, lol hope you don't mind. Thought I would let you know that I loved the end of this chapter!
4/17/2009 c3 iamkagomeiloveinuyasha
...that actually was kinda funny...


love the fic :)
4/7/2009 c29 37XX-Samantha-XX
aw wow what a story, i love it, all the care that Gibbs shown i mean wow well done :)
1/31/2009 c29 Retired FF Writer
Great story. You do really awesome hurt/comfort Gibbs/Dinozzo style. You are on my faves!
1/7/2009 c29 PBfan15
Hey when I got your review reply from your last story saying how you needed to finish this story I decided to read it. It was GREAT! I definitely agree with you that you should finish it.
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