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for Cheering in Forks

11/20/2012 c16 madnessdownunder2
that was a nice giggle before bad! Good try!
11/12/2012 c7 1krotoxo
ahahahhaa you have that talent of ending each chapter with a perfect last sentence. PS awesome job this story is too funny XD
11/16/2009 c9 8x.Safety.Pins.x
4,3,2,1 Edward's social life is gone!
7/14/2009 c9 AccountKiller556
7/10/2009 c16 7NITESIDE -TAYLAH - TYLER
hey man, it was really good. i know what you mean about jumping off the twilight band wagon. i kinda have too although i still crossovers with twilight. i just dont mention the characters much.

it was a really good and runny story.

6/22/2009 c16 5cool-gal95
hehe...poor Edward. it was good
6/13/2009 c15 1SimplyKey
lol, carlisle is going to punish me by making him wear a cast and go to school like that or something right? lol this is a funny story keep it up, i guess he doesnt have to go to anymore games because he already went to 2, how many days are left? lol or is this the end aww i hope not
5/19/2009 c6 5Stronger than you since 1915
man our cheerleaders are nothing like that, most of them are pretty bitchy and can't cheer worth crap!
5/19/2009 c3 Stronger than you since 1915
even though i'm pretty sure schools can't MAKE anyone do that...
5/19/2009 c1 Stronger than you since 1915
(: sounds good!
2/21/2009 c15 pupp63
i really liked the chaper 'NOT THE VOLO!' :D
2/5/2009 c15 1Team-Vampire-45
This is the best story! I love it!
12/18/2008 c15 1Umi Mizuno XD

I hate Jacob Black too!

Ugh, he is such a doofus!

Love the story, btw!
11/28/2008 c15 10OHsoCONFUSED
haha your story is really good. i laughed like crazy at the of edward cheering to im 'bring sexy back' and all those other songs. i would say lol but doesn't even cover it. more like rotflmaoatdfh. yes i will translate this. rolling on the floor laughing my ass of about to die from hysterics. (sp on last word?) PLEASE WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON! =]
11/19/2008 c15 1Kamaria Aislynn
I know you lost interest in the story but I would like to see how it ends!
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