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6/6/2012 c4 Serena
This is a really funny story so far, im living the humour, I hope it continues sometime soon. It has a house load of potential.

6/23/2010 c4 Depresnjak
Hey! I know is been a long time since you did this fic, but, it would be great if you continue
9/14/2008 c3 217VisualIDentificationZeta
I am it's evil queen."

* * * LOVED this comment, too bad you abandoned this fic!
8/1/2008 c4 kat
PLEASE update. I really really like this story so far.
3/21/2008 c4 paradiso31
OMG! Great story! I loved it. I can't wait to read more, hopefully soon. I love that Cameron's not sucking up to Cuddy.
3/1/2008 c4 Limaccia
Gosh, that was fun. Loved all the jokes packed into this one small speech by House:

“We aren’t seeing each other, she just uses me for the sex. It is really a little degrading, but you know I have issues with low self esteem. Oh, I know I should take a stand and at least demand she buy me dinner first, but I’ve always been a giver and not a taker.”

LOL! But why stop there? Still lots of possibilities for more of this funny story. Even if you're on hiatus, I really hope you continue it some time.
1/25/2008 c4 31Amanthya
There are so many great lines in this! I also loved the idea, and the way it was written out. It's very original, and you write "Wuddy" well, it's very cute. My first fave line:

"He had been racking his brain for nearly an hour, trying to come up with a way to explain to his secret girlfriend that the dean of medicine was going to have to pretend to be dating him to avoid being sued by Wilson’s bitter third ex-wife."
12/14/2007 c4 skylandocean
I LOVE this story it is so good please update soon.
12/14/2007 c4 10Aly the Spy
Great story so far. Keep it up!

12/13/2007 c4 4geminiginny
haha, i loved that last quote. i can really imagine cuddy as being a total overachiever.
12/13/2007 c4 3xKayx
hahaha hilarious! i love it
12/11/2007 c4 x3HouseLover
please update soon again!
12/11/2007 c4 33ColorOfAngels
ALL FOR ME? YES! Just what I always wanted!

well that and a singing turtle named rupert that i can carry around in my purse... but thats a different story...

but i dont know how i feel about being compared to Damien... unless making you change fandoms is equated to the work of the devil... in which case i bear that title proudly :P

I still love this explanation for the house cuddy background story... and doogie howser and a fainting wilson all in one chapter is always comedy gold...

LOVES IT and cant wait for more!
12/2/2007 c3 ILUVHOUSE
12/2/2007 c3 jagnic233
Oh wow good story
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