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4/27/2016 c2 2green-jedi
Oh my goodness. Your tales are a symphony of satisfying, uplifting sensations. Like a perfect dinner.
12/24/2014 c2 1AutisLily
I really like this; it's well thought-out and well planned; all I have to say in critique is this: Please continue, because it's awesome. At the same time, though, don't continue it, because it ends well here, and this would be the only part the title actually refers to. So basically, do whatever you want with it, because whatever you do will be just as awesome. Watch out for purple snowmen and my R/T fic that should be up soon...also my first ever! I'm so exited. But don't forget about the purple snowmen, they are highly dangerous and should be destroyed on sight. :)
1/27/2012 c2 Kitten Kisses
A right nice ending here. I love that she couldn't morph, well, couldn't HOLD the morph. And that, in the end, he found out about it. Awful deceitful of her to say she could morph, yes, when she had no chance in hell. Though she might not have quite realized that.

You did really well for a mystery story. Not many people can write a mystery, after all! Great job.
1/27/2012 c1 Kitten Kisses
[Must watch that. He wasn't allowed to say what he really thought any more. Mustn't tell her how he missed her, how lonely he was. It was a rule and he didn't break rules. Because when he did, people suffered.] Wow, talk about your average Depressing Paragraph. Poor Remus. I bet he was lonely as hell.
8/7/2009 c1 A.O.Y.U
My favorite part about this fic is their awkward reactions to one another. It's very realistic, since they're relationship is in such a precarious place, caught somewhere between being broken up and still loving one another. Talk about your rock and hard place.

I especially love how he dwells on the line, "You don’t look so hot yourself, you know." First, because he realizes he no longer has the right to delve into her personal life, and second, because it adds that little bit of male vanity that makes him so much more human. It makes him just as much a sexual being as an intellectual one, without the characterization becoming overly cliche (I really wish I knew how to add the accent aigu here...). The repetition of this line just adds such a wonderful undercurrant of angst.
4/10/2008 c2 12Springrain
Very good, and so very sad for what it provides a basis for.
1/7/2008 c2 40freudian fuckup
oh my god i think i am your fangirl. that was fabulous. i am super impatient about plotty things, because so often when fic writers go for plot it's just... bad. and boring and contrived, but this was just excellent. i love the characters you created (especially lucinda russel), and the marauders' night out interwoven with the story. and, or course, remus and tonks. i think my heart completely shattered. i feel like a lot of authors have a hard time making it clear why remus was attracted to her, but you did it perfectly. bravo.
12/27/2007 c2 17kat009
This is my favorite LupinxTonks story so far. I enjoyed it very very much! :D
12/27/2007 c1 kat009
This was fantastic! There were a few grammatical errors but overall it was great. Your writing is beautiful!
12/14/2007 c2 5HitsuIchi
Wonderful! This pair is so adroable...and stubborn ;]
12/9/2007 c2 defyentropy
Lovely, as always.

I really can never find anything wrong with your stories, and this one had a great blend.

It was perfectly sad yet hopefull at the end.

Anxiously awaiting your next fic!
12/7/2007 c2 20MollyCoddles
I have to say, it's been awhile since I read something that made my eyes dry out to quite this extent-I can't pause reading to blink, you see.

Really awesome, like, unreal chapter here; I was particularly captivated by the unmorphing description. Very vivid.

And Remus and Tonks together in a crumbling barn...wait, did I hear the echo of a 'mo' in the background? ;)

Wonderful chapter! Just what I needed to read to keep my mind off the impending doom of the holiday season, lol.
12/4/2007 c2 4romulusrapier
Jeeze freaking louise. You are too fantastic for words, as I have told you time and time again.

Firstly, Lucinda was hilarious. Your original characters are wonderful, I love when you bring them in. I do hope she weasles her way into another one of your fics. Perhaps with Mr. Yuhong! Haha.

Secondly, this second part was even more fantastic than the first. The whole mystery came together and the action scene had me on the edge of my seat (not to mention the AMAZING Remus and Tonks love!).

Anyway, I don't know what more I can say. You certainly know how much I love your stories at this point. I loved EVERYTHING about this one. It's definately up in my top three ;)

And as much as I love Lucinda, I take Remus, hands down :D
12/3/2007 c1 romulusrapier
You never cease to amaze me. This is great and I CANNOT wait until I have enough time to read the second part.

I only wish I had the time now.

This was great. I adore noble!Remus and all his foolish thoughts that breaking it off with Tonks was right. Because while I want to strangle him, it's still cute.

They were both FANTASTIC in this. Seriously, they were so spot on and this story was so great you could have said Jo wrote it and I'd believe you.

ANYWAY, keep the wonderful R/T fics coming.

And I choose delirious!Remus because he's more fun ;D
12/1/2007 c2 1ladirambaldi
Oh that was FANTASTIC! I loved every word of it.

Please tell me there is going to be more to this story. You write Remus/Tonks so well. Hell, you just write superbly!

Thanks for updating. It was well worth the read. I hope there is going to be more. :D
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