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4/17 c14 daniblack520
This was such an awesome story
10/27/2019 c14 2kiki2222
Amazing job! I love these pairings.
4/12/2019 c2 CaitiAthena
you know this is one of the few shows that I don't ship the male main character with another male, I actauly ship the canon ship Danny x Sam, but I could go for Danny x other male characters.
4/10/2019 c1 CaitiAthena
that's what I'm thinking Danny, what the hell indeed.
8/12/2018 c14 Silver-hearted-girl
This is my 50th or something time reading this. It never gets old. I absolutely love this to pieces. It's a well written work with enough drama, action and romance thrown in. I love how it all flows so well and the characterisation is brilliant. I will come back and reread it again and again. My all time favourite!
9/6/2017 c13 Guest
When you spar with someone and end up getting freaky with each other.

GG, Danny, Dash.
9/6/2017 c12 Guest
Congratulations on losing your virginity. *ahem*
9/6/2017 c5 Guest
I'm suddenly coughing. Am I sick?
9/6/2017 c5 Guest

Danny. What.

I know, your hormones are acting up but...


That was pretty uh, graphic.
9/6/2017 c3 Guest



9/6/2017 c2 Guest
What did I just read.
9/6/2017 c1 Guest
When I first read the tag, Romance, I was thinking more of a sweeter and cuter atmosphere not something as hardcore as this...

I mean, what?
9/6/2017 c1 Guest

wtf.w .t .
.t saefg sg
What in tarnation?
What the hell?
What the FUCK?
What the UTTER FUCK!?
7/11/2017 c14 busty-cutie
lesson learnt don't mess with the girls XP
6/25/2017 c14 xxSt0Rm3yyxx
I started reading this story when you first published it and I never got back to it until now and I can honestly say it's still one of my favorite stories, even better now that i know how it ends. Great story can't wait for the sequel!
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