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11/25/2018 c105 Netchka
I just read this again and I still love it. I can't wait until your muse lets you finish this fic
5/9/2018 c105 Netchka
Wow. I love this story. I could see this being on T.V very easily. Showing that Earth, Vulcan and their allies will no longer tolerate slavers operating anywhere. And that they have the numbers available to enforce that.
9/12/2017 c105 daryalkami5
Well I have had to go bacl amd start rereading I believe 4 stories, including your family tree...so PLEASE keep writing! Lol
9/4/2017 c105 10einzel
I assume your referring to the Viking version of the eagle? Where they slit the back open and yanked the lungs out?
8/24/2017 c104 daryalkami5
Oh yay! Glad to see a new chapter and gives me an excuse to reread the whole thing again lol
2/19/2017 c103 einzel
Has this story died? I am so curious how both T'lia's handle tir families. As well as seeing Queen Dianna and T'pau interact
8/11/2015 c103 Snowdove30
Another excellent chapter.
8/2/2015 c101 acrwdof
First off, I love this story as well as its counterpart, "May we be together more than the sum of our parts". So far, I have had no problems grasping the concept of the story, and it is a wonderful AU of Enterprise. I am a hard core TnT shipper, even if they are secondary characters. Technically writing, the only issue I have found is sometimes your continuity seems to be a little confusing. Some cases in point: at times it seems the Adm. Forrest was killed in the embassy bombing, but he will suddenly make an appearance. I think you finally explained it much later that he did survive, although only barely. Then there is T'Pels dog, Belle. Large parts of this story, it is like she doesn't even have a dog and it is only Porthos (even though it was the two dogs that brought Jonathan and T'Pel together in your other story), then all of a sudden, Belle is back. Also there seems to be a time line issue where events seem to be flipping back and forth as well as being very flexible as far as just how long it has been between events. Case in point: Elizabeth/T'Lia was kidnapped before the Xindi struck and we know that the Xindi mission took about a year to complete. Then we have the whole Vulcan Arc situation to contend with followed by Sarek and Amanda's bonding. So we are are probably looking at least at the passage of two years if not more. Yet the Tuckers had not yet completed the grieving ritual which is supposed to take place after only a year. If there was a delay, you must have glossed over it, because I missed any explanation and it seems to me that could/should have been a fairly significant plot point. I'm going to suggest that you create a time line chart for yourself of the overall major events, and then similar time line charts for each of your major characters. This might help keep your thoughts and ideas more on track with the continuity, specially jumping between stories.

Now here is my big gripe with your stories. Where is the Humanity? Just about every one of your major characters is Vulcan, Hybrid, or Augment. One of the key elements behind the forming of the Federation was the ability of the Human race to some how bring together all these disparate species. Star trek was supposed to be about our best and brightest going among the stars, learning and growing as we became part of the galactic community. It was supposed to be about hope that Humankind would finally grow up. Yet in your stories, it seems that the only 100% human beings are all the bad guys (Terra Prime) and the only thing they excel at is being A**holes, because they are not very competent at being bad, easily thwarted by the Graysons. Then there is the whole concept of doing something because it is the right thing to do, no because you have a vested self interest in it. The only reason the Graysons are going full bore at the Orion Slave trade is because Graysons were kidnapped. Even though they had the tech and capability, they were perfectly content to let Star Fleet try to handle the situation until one of their own became a victim. This is not doing something because it is right, it is because of vengence and vested self interest. I'm not sure if English is your first language or not, or whether this is intentional or not, but there is also an underlying theme of Mestral RULING, not leading. Again, this seems to go against the whole Star Trek ideal of freedom and self determination. On top of that, all your pairings are between Vulcans, Augments, or Hybrids. How about introducing some characters that are just regular human to add to the mix. Maybe something like a rogue Boomer crew of ex-MACO's that although highly trained, are just plain human, raiding the Orions to free slaves, not because any of them have had family or others important to them taken, but merely because it goes against their moral conscience to condone slavery, much like many of the abolitionists of the American Civil War. They are doing it because it is right, not because they have any personal vested interests. Intially they get in the way of the Graysons, but after determining that they are on the same side, you could have one of the full blooded Vulcans and one of the full blooded Humans get together, much like the original Mestral and Maggie. Just a thought.

Again, overall, I really love these stories, and I hope to see more updates come quickly. Good luck with the writing.
4/28/2015 c98 Icybay611
So glad that you were able to update. We've been waiting patiently and it was so worth the wait! Thank you for another splendid chapter.
4/26/2015 c98 Lupinesence
Cool fic and I'll bring along some Romulan ale to that party. Woohoo!
10/28/2013 c95 kahless21
Great job. Keep up the good work.
6/20/2013 c95 Peanut Gallery
Well Done, You portray the action very well, story is Very Good, Character are true to their series, Character interaction very good. No flaws I can call you on, my inner critic curses you with writers block for frustrating him, it is a good solid story.

Thanks for a Great Read,

Peanut Gallery

PS. Yes I an crazy
5/31/2012 c95 jrrm64
Hopefully, there will be more soon.
1/1/2012 c95 11tahmtahm
Wonderful AU. I have loved the whole Carbon Creek AU series. Keep'em coming!
12/22/2011 c95 Carriewhowasreading
AWESOME thanks so much for your staying with your stories! I ADORE this AU!
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