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7/4/2014 c23 BoleynGirl
Read this story in 2 Days, it was great! A real work of art! As for future fics, I thought "Pain & Betrayal" sounds the most interesting, followed by "Not His Fault". I'm looking forward to see more Charmed work from you:) "Be Careful What You Wosh For" was also really, really great! Cheers
6/15/2014 c23 LilyXJames
Finally a wonderful story that involves future Chris and Wyatt _ enjoyed every word of it.

LilyXJames _
6/1/2014 c21 1charmedgrl4ever
I haven't yet read the chapter, and I think I'll likely have to reread from the beginning to remember what's happened - but I wanted to just mention that you have no reason whatsoever to apologize. I'm sure any decent person would understand your lengthy hiatus after even one of the experiences life has thrown your way. How could any of us blame you for taking time after all of it? No sane person would. I'm sorry for everything you've gone through, and I hope that - as you said - you are happier, as well as healthier, and that overall you're in a much better place now. (I'm also glad you're back into writing, not so much for your readers but because I have always found this "urge to create," as you say, to be a way to recreate myself as well.)

Best wishes.
6/1/2014 c23 2Yuki082
That was amazing. The time travel part was very complex and the way it all fit was ridiculously fulfilling. Thank you so much for writing!
5/23/2014 c23 12FirePony16
Wonderful ending to an absolutely wonderful story. :D
I wish I could express how much I love your stories and how much your work has inspired me over the years. Thank you. :)
PS- the three future planned stories all sound awesome but if you can't decide, maybe "Not Where I Belong." :)
5/21/2014 c23 20Chris's Adorer
Hi Evil Amplified,

good that the family got their memories, Leo's a mortal (like in the show) and both boys, especially Chris, have their happy end. Interesting that Leo healed Barbas and let him go, though the demon might have reached the Cleaners and helped the family. Not willingly, for sure.

Good work!


P.S. As soon as I'm at my home PC, it'll be linked.
5/20/2014 c23 12Crystalzap
yay, everything finally worked out for Chris and it only took seven lifetimes to do it ;P
I'm glad you came back to the story and gave it a good ending
5/20/2014 c23 MsDrea
I'm so happy you finished and finished it on a good note. I love your creativity with this story, to have Chris in kind of a time loop years later and also as a lost child in the underworld. Ingenious. This is one of my fave fics on this site.
5/20/2014 c23 15PrincessRedfern
Ahhhhhhhh! That was so amazing. I really loved the conclusion. It really fit. At times through the story (particularly with the swapping universes, it kind of felt like you'd gone off on a tangent but this last chapter really worked to draw everything together :) good job. :)
5/20/2014 c23 lizardmomma
I just started reading this story yesterday and I think you did an excellent job on it, well done.
5/20/2014 c23 katiek121
Great story!
5/19/2014 c22 20Chris's Adorer
Hello Evil Amplified,

good work here. There WAS the Tribunal behind the erasing of Chris. Otherwise it wouldn't have made sense but that they had erased all memories from before. Definitely shock! Good now that both young and old Wyatt and Chris are back in their right universe. Thank Godness for that!

Can't wait for the end.

5/18/2014 c22 makoto20

appearance the next chapters in the history

please Soon please :)
5/18/2014 c22 12FirePony16
Awesome chapter, looking forward to the next! :D
5/18/2014 c21 FirePony16
Super awesome chapter, so happy you're back! :D
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