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12/16/2017 c3 Bronze
I'm sorry, there is no purple button on this page. The story's good and Harry's getting a bit scary. I'm wondering if maybe he's becoming an Elemental.
12/16/2017 c1 Bronze
If you're reading this it's interesting. The idea of Harry escaping the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder's control is great. It's about the only way he's gonna survive to marry and have a family of his own! I'm sure the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder has plans for Harry to allow Voldemort to kill him as some stupid sacrifice. Of course the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder would call it a noble thing just before he robbed the Potter vaults. Likely as not the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder would claim Harry wanted him to have it. You do have to wonder just how much more blood will it take to convince the magical world of England that the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder truly isn't the true leader of the light that he wants everyone to believe he is.
3/13/2016 c7 3Quietlovingman
Not sure where you are going with the Amnesiac daywalking vampire... Seems a bit out of left field.
3/13/2016 c4 Quietlovingman
A focused and preparing Harry rather than a lethargic and despairing Harry make all the difference in the world.
3/13/2016 c3 Quietlovingman
The obligatory shopping trip, not as all encompassing as some. At least he didn't buy a mansion in a trunk that can't be found or opened by anyone but him for only 800 gold... If such trunks existed, they would be crafted by enchanters for their families and not sold on the markets as they would be made illegal by the Ministry. If portable homes were available for sale, they would also be out of the price range of almost anyone and would be made to order.
3/13/2016 c2 Quietlovingman
I am not outraged by the money, though SuperRitch!Harry has a completely different set of problems that most authors rarely address. One peeve I do have is the listing of the Secret Keepers names in the documents. I understand the need for Harry to be able to find them, but there should be some other way to impart the knowledge of secreted away properties other than writing down the name of the secret keeper and mailing it to Harry.
6/1/2015 c4 InAnnaCat
Who are the presences and what are they going to do about Harrys scar? Well I am very interested in finding out.
1/18/2015 c3 2Ashlynn LionHart
Nice! But there's just something a bit puzzling...the books about occlumency, the second one is called "hacking thoughts" and we learn at the end that it was written in parseltongue however the term "hacking" is, while appropriate, quite out of place in the technologically dreprived wizarding world and since I don't think a muggleborn or another moder wizard would've dared to writte and publish in such a language considering the political climate in the last few decades, then it must be a pureblood if not a book written by Slytherin. And the term "hacking" for them would not have meant the same...argh anyway, it's just a book's title...I'm just rambling and noticed that because I was so focused into your wonderful story! :D And the other meaning of that word totally fit a legilimency book too so...
4/12/2014 c3 43Von
'their relationship was still far from platonic'

:D Er, I do not think that word means what you think it means. :D

Or just a typo. ;) Or at least I hope so! 0.0
4/12/2014 c1 Von
I'm sad this story petered out.

So adoption is when someone takes everything you've written so far and reposts it, but a fanfiction of your story wouldn't need permission, right?
2/12/2013 c8 2Allroundfangirli
Pls pm me when someone adopts the fic. I really like it.
6/2/2010 c8 18anaknisatanas
when the story is adopted will you let us know by another chapter note?
5/30/2010 c1 joey
Ah it is nice that the story is up for adoption but could you have left the summary up as well so people that might be interested in reading it or even adopting it would know what it is about? All you had to add to the summary (either the beginning or end) is "Story up for Adoption see profile" or something short like that.

You didn't need to whole "This story is under adoption. If you are interested, PM me and I will respond if you have the OK. I will put who adopted it in the summary after the person is selected, as well as my profile."

Just a note to see profile where you could have put the rest of the stuff about 'PM me, etc"
5/30/2010 c8 1Magician Girl Mirani
If someone does adopt this fic then can you post a chapter or something on the original so we know who it is by so we can continue reading it? Please and thank you!
5/27/2010 c8 6KaggyAlucardSesh
please please PLEASE update this story soon and when will harry get out of the order's grip
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