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6/21/2009 c7 3LynnPotter221
i love this story plz plz write more plz! please! *puppy dog eyes*
5/22/2009 c8 2BlackRoseFire
Awesome story. I can't wait until the next chapter. I don't mind guyxguy pairings so long as it doesn't get X class graphic. but hey tis your story do what you want. I can't wait to see what the ppl's reaction to Harry will be.
4/3/2009 c8 Shadow315
... Its been WAY more then a week! I want that update! lol but seriously please, update! Oh! you should have Harry get a snake or something! Is this also gonna be Dumbles bashing? 'cause I REALLY don't like him!

also I'm a yaoi fangirl too!


11/6/2008 c8 honore
I absolutely hated to stop reading this. I was thoroughly enjoying reading this when I was forced to stop reading because you need to write more. You write well you know. Looking forward to more. Thanks
9/17/2008 c3 4La.Regina.Di.Morte
step one... check

step two ... check

step three ... check

wait, not yet.. kay, humm...

I like it? no no, that won't do... I am intuged by the curent story line and way of telling... no that won't do either..

damn, to late, I have to stop reading now..

ok, step three ... check

step four, ermm, check, half anyway..
8/28/2008 c1 1Seagem
i absolutly love this story and this harry its so cool. plz update soon i beg of you.
8/17/2008 c7 2imgonnadie
Excellent story so far. Please do continue to write.
6/27/2008 c8 7Draeconin
I’m leaning more toward Hermione and Harry, myself.

Sorry to hear that. Personally, I write Harry-Draco, but I like reading gen stories as well. Het stories? Not so much.
6/27/2008 c6 Draeconin
Soon they arrived at the Surrey Courthouse

You DO realize that Surrey is a county in England, and not a town? The (fictitious) town the Dursleys live in is Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

Petunia grabbed the pencil and signed the appropriate places on the document

Legal documents cannot be signed with pencil, as it's too easily erased and changed. They must be signed in ink.

his excitement was shared with the other entities in his mind

When are you going to introduce, or explain, these 'entities' - and why Harry isn't upset about them being in his mind?
6/27/2008 c2 Draeconin
Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1988

Harry was born in 1980. So Hasae is eight years younger than Harry - which makes him... eight years old?
6/16/2008 c8 hpfananita
Good story, shame it seems to be abandoned.
6/4/2008 c7 fraewyn
Cant wait for more!

Please update soon!
5/20/2008 c5 helbaffy
Great chappy! I wonder where will Harry study, if not Hogwarts? And could you put some interaction with Remus?... He is so cool... and it would be awesom if they formed some kind of bond! :)

p.s. Update soon! :)
5/20/2008 c3 helbaffy
I really LOVE THIS STORY! So please update ASAP! :)
4/13/2008 c8 3Minerva McGonagall Rox
Please update? You said "next weekend", it's been 2 months. If this is abandoned, let me know, K?

~Minerva McGonagall rox
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