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4/13/2008 c4 3Minerva McGonagall Rox
Out-of-body experiences are pretty, aren't they? Keep it up! BTW, I have the dream song stuck in my head, too.

~Minerva McGonagall Rox
4/13/2008 c3 Minerva McGonagall Rox
This is great so far, quite well written. I hope we find out more about the Icy Voice.

~Minerva McGonagall Rox
4/6/2008 c8 6DaxLP
Can you please not lean towards any pairing? The stereotypes people use are really starting to annoy me, kindly avoid it. Love Harry's sense of humor in this. :)
3/23/2008 c7 DramoSkye
Anyone read Mercedes Lackey:) I like your plot line for now you definitely need to have something big happen in the next couple of chapters though though I doubt that'll be a problem now that there's a odd vampire out there. Have fun and keep up the good work. Never let something you love become a job"
3/19/2008 c8 Elia2Alia
Nice story hope you write more soon, cute story ~Elia LeFae
3/18/2008 c1 2Namalia
Hey!Great story,I really like it especially now that Matthias is there(ya I know he just appeared but somehow I already like him).can't wait to know what happens next.

hehe yea a litt le bit yaoi would have been nice^^

Well keep it up

3/14/2008 c8 lady firefox
I was geting excited too,thought it was going to be a Yaoi.:( but i supose as long as it's not Harry and Ginny i'll live...would have liked the Yaoi though.
3/9/2008 c8 6ladyBlue Wolf
m8 i friggin love this fic! loto

update soon,eh?

3/5/2008 c4 TLDriver66
Very creative, the way that Harry got Petunia to see the truth about Dudley.
2/24/2008 c2 RagingSpammer
Actually, I'm outraged because Apple Computers has only been around since '84. It's chronologically impossible for Sirius to have bought stock in it unless he went to the bank after his escape.
2/12/2008 c7 Tarrin
An excellent story, plese update soon.
2/9/2008 c8 12Isebas
This story has definately been interesting so far. I am glad that Harry and his aunt were able to reconsile a bit. I like the characters Emma and her mother. I think that Harry should add like some different exercises to his routine like:martial arts or kickboxing, pushups, situps, pullups and the like. Methias is a pretty funny character as well. I think that it might have been funny for her to see him in his vampire form but I think it would have been detrimetal to Harry and Petunia's relationship. I am looking forward to reading more so keep up the good work!
2/8/2008 c8 slashslut
hm, matthias is an interesting development . . .
2/8/2008 c8 24katdemon1895
i rather hope this will be harry/hermione and i'm already starting to like matthias, a self declared body guard will be fun and i love that harry si calling his best friend after the god of thieves, travelers, orators, shepherds, messengers, inventors and wit

please update this fascinating story soon! will emily be a new hogwarts firstie? will hermione travel with harry if he decides to go somewhere besides hogwarts? please update soon!
2/5/2008 c7 TxA-GunFighter
Good chapter.

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