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for Master of the Zanbatous

4/22 c14 Prakith
This fic is awesome!
4/10 c1 Robert Krause
why not let Naruto had move into his mom and dad clan home for when his unpack old team pics and some others stuff his made his home now and his had sleeping for when then had eat food and had pack up for the job spy master and run the spy networking for when now, living on road is odd when unlike the toad sage had be doing it , Naruto had living off the road his camping out and meeting others it some old inn or some cub size room , when run the spy networking his more good it then others before ,
9/3/2023 c28 Robert k
when over times his new master of the Zanbatous is a body huter and took out s class bad guys and women like and his had took time it the bars now reading the books of red and black of Master of the Zanbatous Naruto Namikaze swords frights and life time too, when over time his had marring ten-ten own girl blonder lee , now, and both had be into run the lost lands of whirlpool now, he had the ash body s of his clans now be put into the place now even now, it be from the top and to end now, a glass pics of past lords and lost ones too, Naruto and his wife and lover be put here and some others too,
3/12/2023 c28 3EliteOtaku111
This story is something I would recommend for something who looks after a good fanfic.
1/4/2023 c3 alefrosier
The writing is good the pacing is nice but let's start with the fact that using two swords is completely useless in the world of Naruto it prevents you from using ninjutsu and other techniques it's even worse for Naruto he has a lot of chakra it's a waste for him not to use it in ninjutsu where he can do much more damage and has greater flexibility and there is this thing with talking swords which is ridiculous too and the worst the romantic couple Naruto and Sakura is an aberration, so he can only achieve happiness by staying with someone who treated him like garbage and you wasted Hinata with Kiba the most useless character in the entire Naruto saga seriously that with dog breath, you could have made him stay with Tenten or Shizuka as a form of jiraia honor even if he doesn't deserve it, finally the many characters in the Naruto saga that would make a much better pair Sakura's problem is not that she is horrible or useless it's because she simply doesn't deserve Naruto, Hinata could have a better development of course qu and it could but she is by far the girl who most deserves Naruto.
10/11/2022 c1 Zeke Hooper
interesting beginning.
9/28/2022 c28 Guest
I really enjoyed reading this it was amazing
8/11/2022 c18 BlazeStryker
Okay, I got it! Jiraiya, who WAS self-confessed as being bug-shagging crazy, found Tsunade's Winnie-the-Pooh fiasco and had a couple of his clones henge into those forms for the picture and future blackmail before having them poof and getting her out.

This sort of thing is likely how he got half the populace of the continent into his spying (largely on one another)...
8/11/2022 c2 BlazeStryker
Zabuza famously listed all the one-shot kill points in his initial confrontation with Team Seven on their way to Wave. As Hiashi did the heart-rupturing strike, I'm willing to bet that Tsunade took her chakra scalpel to the rest of those points.
8/6/2022 c13 kingstoniasiah
you had to some thing stupid now this story is ass like really bunny ears smh
7/19/2022 c3 2Tenkoraa
I think Naruto is very large in this one... :D
5/26/2022 c3 ROBERT
why not let naruto doing a book call it the master of the twin zanbatous he made in his 3 year run the vaillge and he put on the back a old team pic 7 on it and he put into the clan big black lock room with 2 swords and his old head band and vest too, when Robert Leroy he was 13 now and rank Super JON and ex abut black ops code name fox fire ,like Naurto he too had the fox in him now , both light yang and yin into him , his get the clans 3 swords now , with the zanbatous now his more powerful and his marring to Ion 3 and his had be the fox king now,
4/16/2022 c28 Yummybuns
Fucking incredible
1/27/2022 c28 House550555
huh so you can write happy endings
10/7/2021 c21 Sora9979
Gotta love the tick reference
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