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2/21/2010 c1 3marisamanoso
that was so sad, it made me cry. I loved it!

6/19/2009 c1 13laurendee
This is heartbreaking! Damn, girl! I want a happy ending! I did love the premise of the fic...Trevor and Liv...mixing work with home life at all? ;)
4/24/2009 c1 1dearest penny lane
umm...i just cried. what's wrong with me? this was like perfect...except for the happy ending, cause there was none. but i know i'm an overemotional freak, but this actually made me cry. i know this was a one shot, but continue! read it over, maybe there's another chapter in it's future? i know, i know, the whole stabler runs after benson after he realizes he's in love with her is a tad bit corny, but i'm corny...and well, yeah..i'll stop. great story, by the way. :)

6/5/2008 c1 6addtviictions


3/20/2008 c1 InstantGratification
Awh! That was one of the most BEAUTIFUL one-shots i have ever read! I am crying right now, just to tell you.

GREAT job!
1/8/2008 c1 3beautifuldisaster2006
aw.thats so sad!
1/3/2008 c1 4kkj2279
OH MY GOODNESS! I was in tears. I nearly cried at the end.. I could invision the whole thing really. I can't stand them not being together. GREAT JOB! Loved the story...sad ending.
11/25/2007 c1 2YourMidnightCinderella
aww this brought a tear to my eye

it was adorable but so sad
11/24/2007 c1 1KatieKat1690
aw no this is so sad! Stupid Kathy! I cant believe Elliot justs let her leave.

This was really really good though! Welcome back! I hope you write more soon!
11/24/2007 c1 11mrslee

Ok, that was a really beautiful story. Like, really beautiful. I loved them dancing and the way you described them, they were totally dancing in front of me.

The end was beautiful too, they knew that nothing could ever happen, but they contemplate it anyway.

Make it a happy ending ok? Cause I'm way too emotional to take any more angst.

Sensation honey!

Laura xoxo
11/24/2007 c1 18Sharkie2008
Wow that was amazing. I hope you have other stories cuz i'm for sure going to check them out. That blew my mind. Amazing.
11/24/2007 c1 43kinseyjo
aw, that was sad! but very bittersweet! :) loved it girl!
11/24/2007 c1 5detectiveoliviabenson4life
Aww, that was so good, please you gotta pput in a couple more chapters.
11/24/2007 c1 107Sasha.Rizzoli
Good one shot!
11/24/2007 c1 GeekGirl18
OMG! this was so beautifully written and extremely sad but I still loved it
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