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for Tails of Konoha's Vixen

11/25/2007 c2 ddd
Update soon.
11/25/2007 c2 16TheOtaku Akatsuki
haha fuzz-butt..fitting name hehe
11/25/2007 c2 11RuneNeko
That was interesting, I can't wait to see the reactions of the people of Konoha, hehe. Keep up the great work!
11/25/2007 c1 man-chan
why didn't you have sasuke go to sound though good story update soon
11/25/2007 c2 16Rainyqueen
I'm not sure about who will be her friend still but Hinata is a definant, kiba a maybe, Shikamaru is too lazy to not be, Sakura and Ino are definatly questionable. But tell me how are you going to get Sasuke and Naruto together? Even if Naruto accepts Sasuke's apology her friends will not accept one so easily and protect her from him. update soon
11/25/2007 c2 45Jadej.j
Great story so far hope to read more soon :)
11/24/2007 c1 11RuneNeko
Well, that was interesting. So she knows that Yondaime is her father, eh? Well, I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/24/2007 c1 39Love Psycho
Hope you update soon! You hooked me with this first chapter! Cookies and cake for you! Favs too!
11/24/2007 c1 2Kitsune Cupcake
I like this story so far. Its good. update soon:)
11/24/2007 c1 11chm01
it's too early for an opinion but it looks great so far
11/24/2007 c1 4GoreFuck
hey this is an awesome story...keep up the good work and update soon
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