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for Tails of Konoha's Vixen

12/9/2013 c8 Guest
You know...converting naruto to demon or hanyou or whatever the fuck is really stupid...i mean why the fuck would someone in their right mjnd want to get fox ears or tails...doesnt even makes sense ?
10/13/2013 c17 mirian
esta muy grandioso saca lo pronto
7/22/2013 c14 5SOUHARU FOR LIFE
Aw I'm really hating Sakura more and more. I really hate her in the Naruto series and shippuden. Please just kill her in a chapter! Please! Please! Hate Her!
12/7/2012 c17 8EverlastingAngel26435
Kyaa! Please please please continue! I love love love this story!
11/9/2012 c17 1blood-elf101
Great story so far can't wait for more keep up the great work xD
10/21/2012 c7 dizzydani777
8/15/2012 c17 junpie
Hmm like what you have so far noticed you havent posted more for this and that you havnt posted anything for a while hope everythings ok for you in life and maybe you can get an update to this soon also yes your writeing noticably improved throght the story
8/7/2012 c17 gabyxx21
I loved looking forward to the next chapter
8/3/2012 c3 Aspect of Stories
the victory sign is a bit weird on the anime for naruto but for natsumi it would look cute
5/27/2012 c9 11burnmeumi
I noticed you, like a ton of others, used the word Makai for Hell. Hell is translated into either Jigoku, Jigoku no, or Heru. The word Makai can be used as hell as a synonym, but the literal translation for Makai is the World of Sprits (also known as Reikai or the afterlife). Not trying to flame like other people think when one corrects others on their translations, I just wanted to point it out.
2/27/2012 c17 6Pseudo Delete Button
Great story so far! Now you better take it off it's hiatus, it has been a few YEARS already! Update!
1/22/2012 c1 birdkamp
i like your story please wirte more of the story thank you
8/26/2011 c17 Guest
this is an awesome story you've gotten me totally hooked so please update! XD
5/11/2011 c17 Katii0924
Love your story! Please keep writting it!
4/16/2011 c2 410tailedokami16x
not bad kit
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