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for Tails of Konoha's Vixen

6/20/2009 c17 2BetahimeTsukiko
I love the way you did this story soo much. The characters are really well done, even the OC's. There were a few consistent grammatical mistakes, but I know how hard it is to try and make everythign perfect! Kami knows I misspelled neumerous words in my day. Any way the plot is really cool and I like how you did Natsumi's evolutions. Just kinda sad about Sakura's denial, she seems to think Naruto was replaced by a vixen and that's not true. Oh well, have a good day, ja ne!
6/11/2009 c17 3Artistic-Chaos
4/14/2009 c17 3DarkPoet89
My GOD, you're a genius, you actually made the kitsune power work! I can't tell you how many times people have used it and just made Naruto super unstoppable and, to my chagrin, an asshole who think's he can boss around everyone. I love how you worked this, the genjutsu, the powers, hell, even Hell.

Keep it going. But two things

One, Psycho Sakura: nice Sakura bashing XD, seeing her go crazy instead of understanding the situation. I can actually see her losing it if Naruto actually did bring Sasuke back like he did. Still, I thought she would've grown up. At least Inner Sakura did at least.

Two, Laharl skit: lol, nice, Overlord brat gettin pounded by Flonne.
4/13/2009 c16 8-5magpie
I really like this story and hope you post another chapter soon. =)

4/10/2009 c14 14stealthclaw
at the last part that with sakura, she seemed to be insane...and very creepy...
4/10/2009 c17 ShadowFoxKage
interesting story. I would love to see the story continued.
4/7/2009 c17 1Kool n Krazy Kaida
Does Sakura become nice again? And don't tell me to wait and see like others have because I can't WAIT!It is a very nice and great story to read. Keep up the great work. XD
3/25/2009 c17 1Domino TNK
awsome!. you have to finish! have you figured out who gaara is gonna be with?
3/12/2009 c17 3psychotic kitsune
gaara and shukaku are getting together? how sweet

nagato is the fake head of akatsuki and jiraiya is allied with him?

so Jiraiya's spies in akatsuki are konan, nagato and itachi?

loved the story so far so please update soon
2/8/2009 c17 star145
This is the best chapter so far. Why did you stop updating? You shouldn't stop because this is a great storyline. Keep updating and great work.
2/5/2009 c5 timme
hmm..revenge is different for everyone. it is a little hollow, but it still might be necessary. there's a thin line between that and justice at times. one just is more socially acceptable. 'side, moving on and letting his family's murderer go is in a way betraying them, or dishonorable in a lot of cultures. ~shrugs~ maybe he should let it go, but not because of the supposed wrongness of revenge...but because it's his brother, and someone that he did or does love.
2/5/2009 c1 timme
nice. but i don't see naruto ever saying, "hey, whatever. see my life, it's horrible". people not liking you or being mean to you everyday is something completely different than loosing everything and everybody you've ever loved in one fell swoop. hell, what would you choose? it may be a common reaction for people to say, well screw you i've got my own problems which are worse, bla bla bla.

but it's also unsympathetic and completely juvenile. naruto isn't like that. juvenile, maybe. but he understands, as shown in the actually valley of the end scenes. he compares what he has and says he doesn't want to loose it, which is possibly the best response he could give, which unfortunately didn't solve sasuke's problem.
1/12/2009 c17 1animeboylover
NICE STORY! FULL OF YOUTH! lol funny,cute and did i mention XD anyway the only thing i say is to pick up on natsumi and sasuke's i can see there kids now.cute W
11/21/2008 c17 67MoonPrincess623
I love this! And can't wait for the next chapter whenever it comes! From that last part I am curious to see if Gaara and Shukaku get together but not sure its going to happen.

Well, till next time!


Moon (Panda-chan)
11/20/2008 c12 MoonPrincess623
I love this! I can't wait to finish the rest tomorrow! I wonder, the last time u updated this was in 07 are you going to finish this? I love it!


Moon (Panda-chan)
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