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for Tails of Konoha's Vixen

11/16/2008 c17 TenWings
11/10/2008 c17 18kenkao.inukags
good story, i hope you update soon =]
10/12/2008 c17 40deathgeonous
This is a preaty good, and preaty fun story. Sadly I haven't read this since I don't know, chapter three maybe? So I just read the entire fic, and I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for writing this, bye for now.
10/3/2008 c17 1Crudy
My first time to review for your fic! But definitely not my first time to read this...This is like so cool and the one of best FemNaruSasu out there!

Hey, you're Pinoy too? What a coincidence!
9/28/2008 c17 21-2 Chance
One word: Brilliant!
9/22/2008 c17 ABitterPill
This really is a bit of a refreshing AU to the Naruto story. Sasuke still loyal, Naruto a girl, Sakura insane... well she was always a bit off but way off this time. Kyuubi free. Entertaining stuff.

Definitely curious to see how this story will progress. The biggest issue you have is sometimes sentences seem to be missing words or it seems like they were reworded at one point in the write without actually going back and removing some redundant words. Work on that a little bit and it'd be perfect.

Keep up the good work.
9/8/2008 c17 babyjugs
This is a really good story update soon!
9/8/2008 c17 12Lazy Shika
O.M.G...o.O...this is so going on my favs, you HAVE to update soon plz, this is an awsome story, i haven't read a story this good in ages, conntinue plzz,yeah..keep up thegood work.
9/5/2008 c17 3Shawis Relzair
Fantastic story so far and look forward to the next chapter.
9/5/2008 c17 3Lady Artemist
Great chapter, lovely fuzzy moments. Please update as soon as you can!
9/5/2008 c17 narutojazz19
WOW! That was an awesome chapter... I can't wait till you update next

Alittle short but it was definitely worth the wait =)
9/5/2008 c2 narutojazz19
aha! I remember never mind.. I'm skipping to your last few chapter kk
9/5/2008 c1 narutojazz19
wow great chapter.. i'm not sure if i've read this already and I hope i haven't so I can have the ability to enjoy it now =)
9/4/2008 c17 Serenityofthematrix
this was really good.
8/31/2008 c15 2Itachi's apprentice
Great work, nuff said.
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