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2/18/2017 c8 Caringheart
Great story, love the Cardinal and Beth's spunky mother. There is no question that I love the original cast. Thank you
9/9/2016 c8 5LdyJulanna
love it so far
9/9/2016 c4 LdyJulanna
I love this so far I love that you thought about the mother too..:)
6/16/2013 c8 1fairylass24
Great story ;)
6/16/2013 c1 fairylass24
Never read Moonlight , but did see the show on TV.
Great start :)
1/11/2011 c2 Lilly57
Chapter 2 and I am still reading. A good storyline.
1/11/2011 c1 Lilly57
Well, this was a good read. But, can Marilyn Turner actually keep the secret of the Vampire that Mick St. John is? 'Tis to e seen!

A very good read so far.
11/22/2010 c8 36francis2
I just read this story all in one go. I think I sampled it before, the cardinal was familiar to me. I really liked the romance and the way you dealt with the issue of immortality in different circumstances, like what if Beth's mother visited, what if they wanted to marry, what if Coraline interfered. I liked the legal talk. After all, Mick killed her once, doesn't that count as "till death"? Liked it a lot.
9/7/2009 c8 CeilingNinja
Oh, I did love this story, and am going to read the sequel right now! Love the Catholic cardinal being a vamp btw!

3/20/2009 c8 204Lalaith Quetzalli
I think it depend on what you see as long, because 7 chapters and little more than twelve thousando words isn't exactly long in my book, I think I've written chapters as long as this fic. And some have written even longer ones. But that's not the point, in the end it's your story, you're decision.

I will admit I really thought this was pretty freaky. The idea of the Church knowing about vampires, sanctioning their marriages, and yet it makes sense in a very bizarre way. I liked it! Can't wait to see what comes up next.

P.S. You said, until we've reached in the series, regarding the past, but what exactly is that? Because Coralline is still around, and for our insinuations it seems like Josh might be too, though not as close as Coraline. Then there's the fact of who's getting Josef, will it be Sarah, or Simone, or someone entirely different? And so many things that happened in certain chapters that I don't know if you'll include.

Pretty long for a P.S. I know, but I just had to ask.
8/18/2008 c8 2Jordan-Daniel
This is an amazing and sweet story!

I love the way you let Mick and Beth become husband and wife. This whole Rome thing was creeping me out. But I guess there are vamps everywhere, right?

I like how you included Beth`s mother and especially Josef. Btw his last name is "Kostan" not "Konstantin" (in chapter 6).

I am reading "Blood Feud" as soon as I can.
2/14/2008 c8 xphile11
I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed Moonlight to Dawn. I thought you did a wonderful with developing Mick, Beth and Josef's characters. I loved Josef questioning Mick's intentions! I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Beth's mother, Marilyn. I like the developing friendship between Marilyn and Josef.

A vampire Cardinal. A nice touch especially since the TV show's canon already includes a vampire priest...although Cardinal Rossi seems to be a much better judge of character than Father Garza (I believe that was his name) was.
12/26/2007 c8 Christy
I am enjoying this, I only hope that 'miracle baby' doesn't happen. Fictional babies are even more off-putting than real ones!

One little nitpick, though. A cardinal is addressed as "Your Eminence", rather than "Your Grace".
12/15/2007 c8 8CherryRed70
I really enjoyed this, and I'm going to go right now and find the next story.

Keep em coming!

Thanks. :)
12/9/2007 c7 2bonnielynnmb
God i love this story. Hope Beth and Mick do get together in T.V show. Looking foward to the next story of this sequel. Good Job and looking foward to read more story from you.
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