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for Moonlight To Dawn

12/2/2007 c6 3MusicNinja
GASP! Sorry, it had to be said. Likin' the story. Normally not a fan of the "lets get married" fic but your protrayal of Josef makes it all worth while. Good times. I love fanfiction. You make the writer's strike so much more barable.
11/30/2007 c8 2Micks-gurl-tabi
WOW i really wish the writers would have a show that discused all of this

this would make for a really good show or a few shows

really good story
11/30/2007 c8 Aria DeLoncray
Great story!
11/29/2007 c8 10WickedBluerose
Nothing wrong with LONG stories... :-) I've been waiting to have time to read this and for it to finish as I try to avoid reading works in progress in case the author never finishes it. Your the author so of course it's totally up to you but I think it would be easier to follow to keep it as one story and not split them.
11/29/2007 c7 2OperationMarketGarden
Great story, please keep writing!
11/28/2007 c7 17Evilous
This story is amazing, i had my thoughts about that. very interesting view. Hope you update it soon.

11/25/2007 c7 8Mad18Max
OMG! This is amazing! I was laughing out loud at Josef's funny parts. You really make your characters well rounded. Josef is respectful and eloquent when he's talking with a cardinal; but he's also got a playful nature and HE'S FREAKING HILARIOUS! So funny; but also very well done. It made me gasp, made me sigh, made me go 'AW!' made me want to keep reading. Very well done. (Even if you didn't) it really sounds like you did your research too. PLEASE update soon! Plus I really like how you emphasized the children part, very mature, and totally legitimate. I like the whole fact that a human vampire child has happened before, puts a lot of excitement into the story. I find myself learning more and more about the vampire world and I don't want to stop!
11/25/2007 c7 2Queen Isabella
Wow. Gotta say, a full out catfight would've been interesting, but I'm glad you didn't go there. My roommates provide enough entertainment in that division. Great chapter, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this story. Keep up the great work. (Oh and more Josef please!)
11/25/2007 c6 6Xaegha
I absolutely love this story. Quite amazing. You realize you're made of awesome, right?
11/25/2007 c6 2Queen Isabella
AH! I have to tell you I love this story so much. I first read it on LJ, but I'm so glad that you've put it up here, because now I can give you reviews! This story is so delightfully AU that it makes me jump for joy! The plot is well-developed is fairly true to the characters, and overall fun. Beth and Mick are a little more affectionate with each other than I would expect, but it's not really that big of deal. I do like how you've captured Josef though. TEARS! No Moonlight for 3 weeks.
11/25/2007 c1 2PadawanCassy

That was good, please keep up the wonderful work.

11/25/2007 c6 Geli
This is brilliant - but you can't leave us hanging like that. Well done, keep up the good work.
11/25/2007 c6 2Troo
Very enjoyable. :) Thanks for posting it. Can't wait for more!
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