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for NarutoxBleach FAILURE

6/12/2010 c7 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
hey i hear this is abandoned so may i adopt it? pm me so we can chat about it or simply jst put ur ansewer in a revew reply!
5/21/2010 c7 3crazyshady666
Your fic is really good and i think the pairing should be naruto/orihime cuz there aren't many of them(or least that i know)
3/12/2010 c1 Kitsune
Your story has been one of great fascination for me. You writing flows well and overall the story is a solid one. There is just one thing bothering me... I canNOT believe you've discontinued this :( I was really looking forward to seeing this plot through the end.
2/5/2010 c7 204Lalaith Quetzalli

For all demons in hell!

This can't be happening.

I don't know what's worse: that you did this, or that you haven't continued!

I really hope you will be, preferably soon.

Naruto being a Vizard...I thought it was bad enough with him being technically a demon, I think making him a vizard aside from that is laying it a bit thick. Anyway, in the end it's your fic, but I just thought I should point that out.

So, about pairings...I would say Sakura or even Ino, since those are my favorite girls for him. But we all know you're a Hinata fan. And then again, I'm not sure if you could even bring anyone else from the other universe here, maybe one of the girls, or a new character could be a reincarnation or the real one will be found in Seireitei. Those are just ideas anyway. If one had to choose from Bleach, I would say maybe Tatsuki, seeing as she has the most in common with Naruto, or Orihime, since he would be able to help her grow, while she keeps him 'human', sort of. Yoruichi...I much prefer her with Urahara to be honest, though if you prefer that couple it's fine with me.

I have to say that the Naruto fandom is one of very few where I don't mind what pairings are used, I'm open to read almost anything. So, bring it on!

See ya as soon as you decide to continue this.
1/13/2010 c7 puffdadder
whoa! better than i expected. well written, interesting plot, will give more of a review when you finish. ;) but for not focusing on grammar and spelling, it is certainly satisfactory.

as for the pairing, it might depend on who he was married to back in konoha. ie. sakura (unohana), hinata (inoue or arrencar nel), yugito (yoroichi or harribel), anko (tatsuki,or rukia). as they are closely matched (for the most part)
7/1/2009 c7 2Chapsticks2
hurry up and update. But overall, i think you contradicted yourself. This is definitely not a failure.
6/29/2009 c7 thaddeus
yoruichi and naruto and make another chapter
6/5/2009 c7 1Night-Owl123
I know that this story's been abandoned, but I hope that you continue it. It's a different twist on the NarutoXBleach crossover and I really want to know what happens next!
1/31/2009 c1 Yamin no Naruto not Logged in
Failure. FAILURE! This is one of the finest Naru-Bleach crossovers I have ever come across on this site! In fact, I'd say it's one of the top 3! Where in hell did you get the idea that this was a failure? Is it because of the small amount of reviews? Don't mind that. Either some people just haven't found this yet, or people don't know good quality. Don't lable this as a failure!
1/28/2009 c7 YYonder
r u done with it?
12/26/2008 c7 alonsis 2
Neat story. I'm enjoying it so far.

Good stuff so far:

No Sakura or sasuke. Actually, i like this story more because it has rid Naruto of any reason to stay in his own world. Getting rid of that duo is mainly just a bonus to me.

Naruto being a 50 year old demon in the body of the nine tails. (A very swet deal.)

Naruto not magically getting back his jutsu'.

I can understand writers wanting to give naruto back his sweet skills, but when your used to dealing with only 2 elements to make your power, replacing either part (i'm refering to mind and body essence here) with a new type (spirit) is going to make it stupid hard to relearn.

What you have done by removing them from use, either by weakening them in some way or making them inaccesable, is great.

Opening a plot line potential to make Ichigo a halfway decent swordsman. (I've read the manga. At what point did he ever learn how to swing the damn butchers knife? All he ever got was either a power boost or new skills. Sure the swords' spirit guided him at times, but he never learned and stances or kata's.)

Things I dont like so far or find problematic to the story:

Naruto being a 50 year old demon and not acting enough like it. Sure he might have the heart of a human, but my mother has a glare that can turn water to ice. A 5k y/old demon should be able to turn it into vintage wine.

While i like the concept used to make Naruto weaker, im not sure a demonic naruto would have a mix of 20/80 in regards to spirit and body. If chakra is made of mixing Mind energy and physical energy and Demon chakra (or whatever you call it) is compareable to a much denser (and therefore more powerful) type, where did he get the 20% spirit energy to begin with? If spirit is compareable to his will power belief in self or even mere soul energy (keeping in mind he was considered a 'pure' soul), would it not be much higher?

A special mention for chapter 7. How the hell does Naruto have those chains if his body and soul are the same thing?

The way i read it, he merely changed his body into an incoporial one, made of spiritual energy, rather than a mix of body and mind. He shouldnt have had chains appear at all. In fact, i'm not sure he caould even become a hollow in the first place. He would need a large amount of spiritual energy to do so, (thats fine. He changed his body into that type of energy, but it wont be nearly as powerful due to his smaller reserve of it), need to have died (which he didnt), and would need to have a chain of fate (or whatever its called) in the first place.

But overall, all bases are covered. Looks neat and tidy. Dialogue flows nicely though a bit wordy at times.

12/17/2008 c7 Yami no Naruto not Logged In
This Story Is Excellent! Please Update It soon! I Love how you have written the story. The Plot, Naruto's Powers, the funny scenes, el perfecto! I also have some suggestions for your story:

First of all, for the Harem, I suggest Yoruichi, Hailbel, and Unohana. You implying heavily that Yoruichi will be, so I don't need to explain that. Hailbel, for 3 reasons: 1. She'll respect him for his power. 2. Naruto always seems like the type to hit on the enemy. 3. She's hot! And Unohana, because Naruto deserves someone caring like her.

For powers, maybe he could use Xemnas'es energies?
10/31/2008 c7 DarkquillMaster
one word to describe this story...AWESOME! I hope you can update soon. Anyways I really think the pairing should be Naruot/Yuroichi She is the only one that can really defend herself also she is about as close to a ninja as he can find. Also she is SEXY! ^^ Hee hee! lol hope you update soon
10/17/2008 c7 1oldman543
fun i like it. in the beginning you did make it sound like naruto told them his life story what with you saying it took several hours. i could summarize in detail the entire history of the united states in less than half an hour. so say just going over the basics maybe five minutes. you do that for 50 years of history and you get maybe two hours, probably less. besides who want's to hear all the dumb history. just the highlights, anything interesting, and the general hi my name is naruto and i'm an alcoholic kind of thing. anyway other than that your story sounds great. you're doing a good job with the plot and story so far. it would be nice to see more of soul society but your story is still in the beginning so i can't complain. i can't wait to hear more,

9/21/2008 c7 Logan
I really like the story!

I'm a big naruto and bleach fan and your story is one of the best I have read. the break down of the types of voices, who's and what are talking and thinking makes it really easy to follow.

I know its pretty hard coming up with new ideas but I was wondering if you were going to and more to the story, its been 6 months since your last update. please write me back, I'm looking forward to reading more.

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