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for NarutoxBleach FAILURE

1/30/2008 c5 3Shadow Zeranion
LOL! Naruto! An immortal being and a freaking 9-tailed fox has just been saddled! Good chapter!
1/27/2008 c4 1Master DK
1/21/2008 c4 Seerss
Another great story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good job.
1/20/2008 c4 1DragonRayne1205
I like the way you incoperated bleach into the naruto storyline, but i was wondering how many chapters before he meets ichigo and riuka, i mean really meet?
1/20/2008 c4 Allahee4life
Good story. Definitely one of the more unique Naruto-Bleach crossovers I've read. However, there are two somewhat major problems: spelling and grammar. Though your storyline may be unique, it is no excuse to cut back on proofreading and the like. However, other than that, I have nothig but praise for your story and hope to see more soon.
1/19/2008 c4 Ame Suisei
Okay this is a neat Bleach / Naruto cross..

I like it. Hope to see more of it soon.
1/18/2008 c4 2Elemeffayoh
i never seen this happen but when was this?
1/18/2008 c4 Dark omega z
just when it gets to the climaxs it ends...*on knees* when will the next chapter comes out?
1/18/2008 c4 1Garuto
nice update.
1/18/2008 c4 TheDon1023
nice, reading this story makes me want to read the strawberry and the fishcake again, which i will do. anyways i look forward to seeing where you take this so please update soon

-The Don

P.S. can we expect any lemons to appear in this story? i mean youve mentioned Narutos need to get laid a few times and he has gone a while without so yeah, get him laid soon!
1/18/2008 c3 Gogolu
Why would he tell his live story.

That's just stupid.

Have you ever heard anybody just tell someone his/her live story just after a meting or at all?

It's like those pathetic Ranma stories where he meets someone and tell them everything about him.

Idea of story is interesting and writing is ok but think about things before you write them. You can make whole plots based on curiosity for a stranger.
1/18/2008 c4 19Dragon and Sword Master
It seems as if you're jumping around a bit but then again, it might just be me. Anyways, an interesting place to put Naruto in...and I can't wait to see Naruto with Ichigo...
1/17/2008 c4 2taintedlegacy
Can't wait to see what happens next, update soon!
1/17/2008 c4 SineDei
coolio another chapter that has been done with, and a most amzing one at that. i realy love how weary yiu are making clog and hat it just makes it cool
1/17/2008 c4 6Sharkteeth
great chapter i like the idea of a hollow-demon showdown
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