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for NarutoxBleach FAILURE

12/20/2007 c2 pizzle d
crazy awsome story please update soon
12/15/2007 c2 2Elemeffayoh
awesome! you gotta update soon i love this already
12/15/2007 c1 Elemeffayoh
hell yeah i love this xD
12/10/2007 c2 ST0RMAGEDD0N
i like this story 2:) u should update it sooner.
12/10/2007 c2 3Shadow Zeranion
Well this is interesting to say the least. I can't wait for the update!
12/9/2007 c2 13Magic Shade
This is a really good story. I'm expecting unexpected qualities from Naruto's sword due to instead of absorbing Reiatsu from a Shinigami, it was absorbed from a Hollow when it died. I really look forward to your update!
12/8/2007 c2 FenrirCrinos

i want see the new naruto

ja nee
11/30/2007 c2 2markami
Right now I don't remember its name, but this whole chapter is almost a carbon copy of another story, right down to Naruto slamming Yoruichi into a tree. There are even sentences that seem to be copied and pasted from one to another. Too much similar to be coincidence.

Thats not nice, you should give the original credit at the very list, and that is asuming you deviate later on from his story.

If I wasn't to lazy to look for the other story and write it up, I would report you, but maybe someone else won't be as lazy.

And it's a pity, because the first chapter is pretty original within the 'naruto-goes-to-bleach's-world' stories.
11/29/2007 c2 19Dragon and Sword Master
I find this interesting, that the first person he meets is Yoruichi. But then again he is/was a kyuubi...sounds like you're making it a Naruto/Yoruichi story...

And since you asked not to tell you about grammar and the like I won't bother you with it.
11/29/2007 c2 DuUrden
great start so far. i haven't read any bleach naruto cross overs quite like this one. hope you keep it going.
11/28/2007 c1 13DX99
Wow that was interesting, the beginning part was kinda sad. So is Naruto going to run into anyone he knows in Soul Society?
11/28/2007 c2 8DrendeSalkash
so far, this is a cool story. good plotline and everything. got me interested in it
11/28/2007 c2 7dragonblade3200
I like it, the start of the first chapter threw me there, but I like it... would have been a great lemon if you went on there... oh well. so that beta you were talking about, me or the good one?
11/28/2007 c2 6Sharkteeth
great chapter
11/28/2007 c2 1Bobboky
I thought he was going to touch a half hollow half Shinigami

nice chapter
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