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9/19/2008 c7 17Silver Warrior
a fairly interesting story. Its a shame how much you've muted his past way backwhen. But eek, he's in trouble if he's turned into a Vasto-Lorde... basically the Bijuu of the Bleach universe (or maybe the Kage?).

For a pairing, I think either Yoruuichi or Orihime. With Yoruuichi he'd have someone calm and mature, someone he can have a serious conversation with. With Orihime, he'd have someone to protect that CAN handle themselves if he's not there, someone sweet and kind and caring. Though her apparent affections for Ichigo could disqualify her depending on who you're pairing him with, if anyone. Him meeting Matsumoto will brng back memories. That woman's like fanon Tsunade, only less serious!
9/13/2008 c7 KyuubifiedNaruto
when is the next chapter for the story coming out
9/7/2008 c7 3TheSlain
I'm going to be blunt... i want to see an update for this piece of fiction, it's rotting as it is right now, and it has a lot of things i like in it. Not many fictions are this good, that's all I'm going to say aside from "check your spelling."
8/23/2008 c7 2ranma hibiki
wow, right off the bat naruto has a strong hallow form...sucks to be urahara an the gang
8/19/2008 c7 KyomuGandra
Dammit, you haven't updated this in almost 5 months; you need to work on this, just as you need to work on Demonic Nemesis... Please update both of them soon...
8/19/2008 c7 1Valiant Naberius
i'm really loving what i've read so far! the concept is definitely unique, even if naruto/bleach crossovers have been done before; your execution of bringing him into the other world is what makes this stand out from other crossovers.

now, personally, i'm getting a bit lost in the mechanics behind the limitations, chakra/reiatsu details, demon aspects, and training methods, but i'm trying my hardest to answer my own questions.

and i know doing this immediately would ruin the story (which explains the training/buildup), but i just can't wait to see what a 50 year old demon is truly capable after he unlocks ALL of his powers. i'm shaking in anticipation, waiting to see the power that scarred a god!
8/18/2008 c7 1Nabla
Hey there,

I am not sure how I found your story, but iam glad that I did. Also I have to say that after reading your first authornotes and disclaimer I fell slightly offended. Whats the reason in publishing a artwork while during so flame the once who take their time to read it.

However I am happy that I gave your story a try;) Iam not that big fan of crossovers myself there are one or two in my alert list and now including yours, but I dont like them in general.

So to "Rebirth_of_a_Fallen_Hero". The idea of Naruto beeing a thousands of years old halfdeamon who travels between world is new to me, there reason therfore maybe that I usually dont read such storys :D. But now it fascinates meand I desire to read more.

In a prior chapter you said something about monthly updates, its now over 5 month since your last update. I didn't read your profile yet, but I hope you didn't repudiate this story. Especially with that mosnter cliffhanger here, k Iam sure Naruto will somehow live though that but I rathher read a text written by your hand that imagen it all on my own.

To that paring question of yours.

This story did well without a paring so far but I agree with you a paring can give a good story the needed push to an awesome one ;)

I would say stick with your first intruced charakter Yoruichi as a partner for Naruto, she is also older then normal and can at least to degree stand up to Naruto and would be a good contrast to Narutos first wife (its rather clear now who that was in your story ;)). Thats also the reason why I think Orihime wouldn't fit, she would remind him to much of her.

That also gives you the possibility to some love plots. E.g. Orihime falling in love for both Ichigo and Naruto etc etc but don't make her cry my poor heart won't bear that T_T

So keep on writing Nabla

PS: Iam not in the mode to reread my review, it was a long day so sry for any possible mistakes;)
8/11/2008 c7 the-constructive-critic
Sorry it took me so long to get around to reading this but it's just as good as your other fic's, I hope to see your update's soon, it's getting boring without anyone updating.
8/2/2008 c7 Reader-of-Many

please post a new chapter soon! 20 or so chapters would be preferable! XD

haha this really is good, but it seems to have been a while since it was updated, please update soon!
8/2/2008 c7 Jiran
I just read this from start to finish, and I must say that you did a reasonably good job. There are more than a few grammar issues here and there, but not enough to detract from the story, I believe. I also believe that sharing a large portion of one's life story at nearly the first meeting is foolish, but it is your story.

I'm just writing this to encourage you to keep writing. It was highly enjoyable for just the amount written so far.
7/26/2008 c7 2Katzumi-sama
awesome story... can't wait for the next chap...
7/11/2008 c6 Sgt.Nolisten
(Anime tears fall from my eyes) Just get the next chapter out will you?

*Whisper* Oh by the way, real nice man!
7/11/2008 c7 6Ithio
AH! You've got to update. This story is amazing, lol.

Yours Truly,

7/10/2008 c7 Paradox.Peddler
Neat story! Gotta love Naruto's awesomeness. I await your latest chapter eagerly.
7/10/2008 c4 Ithio
I must say that this story has me completely intrigued. I read your other stories, but this is just...I dunno so different. I'm going to continue keeping an eye on this story, very nicely done.

Yours Truly,

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