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for NarutoxBleach FAILURE

2/29/2008 c7 1Bobboky
2/29/2008 c7 swiftrabbit
I like your take on the type of power naruto has here. He's strong but with a handicap that seems to fit in perfectly. More realistic than him owning everyone right off the bat like some others. Its Great! The whole crytal and technicolor rings thing was a little confusing but I'll asume you will explain that later so its all good.

As for pairings, the only girl I feel that would really understand him is Neriel(Nel's older form obviously) from one of the newer manga chapters. Yoruichi is a possibility but I always looked at her relationship with Kisuke as a Love me Hate me, on and off again lover kind of way. Neriel is a warrior thru and thru. She would have a mucher higher emotional attachment to Naruto's demon need for any type of battle. I think she would greatly respect that type of thing, whereas Yoruichi was taught to kill any hollow that she sees, something naruto seems to be like in many ways to her, at least at a subconsious level. In some way, she would feel threatened by him, simply because she was always taught hollow=Bad News. Old habits die hard and all that. Neriel obviously would not have this problem, she being a hollow herself. Though, Neriel finding a way into the human world or Naruto finding and spending time with her in her's might be hard to fit in. Besides, the story would REALLY interesting if you brought her in sooner. She would know about Aizen, conflict there, shes a hollow among shinigami, total conflict there, her minions would provide some laughs if nothing else, and you might even get a little love triangle action with Yoruichi, even more conflict! Plus, I think is would be cool if she taught naruto to make a cero with his youkai. That might even bring in the vizards sooner! They would sense that type of thing right? Yeah that route is full of potential. Its practically a story by itself. But, as I said planning that and everybodies reactions seems pretty hard and time consuming.

... Yeah I am thinking way to much about this.. probably isn't healthy. But NERIEL ALL THE WAY!... sorry, fanboy moment. Had to get it off my chest before its strength increased!
2/29/2008 c7 EroKitsune1234
graet story and HAREM with orihime becuase naruto and her were orphans and as u wrote she felt inclined with him for that fact and yoruichi becuase she treated him nicely at the start helped get accustomed with the new world and she was the first sexy girl he saw when he got in to that world.
2/28/2008 c7 animesam

2/26/2008 c7 FenrirCrinos
woo, very good chapter, I congratulate to you

have a question, is a single hollow the one that volume the form hanyo and the one of demon with 2 tails? or they are more?

ja nee
2/25/2008 c7 1Leaprechaun1
Yoruichi because she already likes him and she is the only girl Naruto knows and he said he might already like someone. PLEASE LET IT BE YORUICHI! Update soon too please!
2/24/2008 c7 Ryo Yuriko
Yay, I love the new chapters. Still confused on the little parasite in Naruto's mind though. It felt a bit rushed there. I love how he is top in the rankings though, oh the irony. The charachter development is going quite nicely, and I believe that Yoruichi and Naruto would make a really good pairing right now.
2/24/2008 c7 drake999
awsome, man!

lol, a vasto lord already? damn! keep up the progress, im liking the story so far.
2/24/2008 c7 Betelgeuse084
Not bad.
2/23/2008 c7 sandmonkeys
awesome but plz update asap
2/23/2008 c7 Knives91
Alright boys, get the dart guns! We got a runner! *Samurai Champloo quote*

Good stuff. More please.
2/23/2008 c7 5r2d2cool
ok... this is way to deep for me... update soon!
2/23/2008 c7 haggis
o very nice chapter, but you had to go and end it there _
2/23/2008 c7 Seerss
Great chapter. I don't know which girl/girls Naruto should be with. Darn you for setting it up so that he could be with any of them. Oh well, I'll get over it. Hurry up and update soon.
2/22/2008 c7 6Sharkteeth
great chapter i like how you explained naruto's inner hollow
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