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2/22/2008 c7 177Firehedgehog
freaking sweet
2/22/2008 c7 1Daniel Lynx
I personally want to see either Nemu or Captain Unohana

I think Naruto will tend to think of Nemu as like a more messed up version of Haku and feel he needs to do something to get her to break away from Mayuri

I'm gonna try to figure out soemthing for Unohana... but I personally want to say please not conisder Yoruichi or Soi Fon if someone suggests it

Those two have been used to too many Naruto Bleach crosses and I really want to see some of the other girls of Bleach get used in being with Naruto than those two
2/22/2008 c7 SineDei
awesome so when does ichi and rukia find out who his is?
2/22/2008 c7 Allahee4life
Great last few chapters. There has been a definite improvement in grammar and spelling. I also like how you haven't made Naruto overpowered yet have left the idea of how much potential he has in the Bleach-verse. As for pairings, I'd go with a smaller harem of girls as opposed to any large harem requests. A smaller harem wouldn't clash with how Bleach takes place in modern times rather than the setting of Naruto. It would also make it easier to focus on th eplot, and not worry about making the story make sense. I'd go with Yoruichi (seeing as it's basically implied Naruto is interested in her), Orihime (due to the fact they'll be associating a lot with eachother with Naruto being her neighbor, and the uniqueness it would bring), Hinamori (again another unique pairing for Naruto and the fact his charisma and confidence would attract her to him), and Tatsuki (she too appears to hit it off well with Naruto). Anyway, I greatly look forward to the next chapter of the story.
2/22/2008 c7 12OverzealousDeku
hey will narutos inner hollow and the hollow that he killed combine? and if they do how powerful will it be?
2/22/2008 c7 Jack512
so far...i love it. i usually hate naruto and bleach cross overs, i think after reading you fic i might look them up a bit though, thank you :)
2/22/2008 c7 bob
oh... cliffy! really enjoying the fic. my vote for a pairing would be Tatsuki mainly cos she seams to be more like the kind of girl that Naruto knew before, so I can see him being drawn to her more easily. Plus she is the same age he looks so it would be less creepy! looking forward to the next chapter!
2/22/2008 c7 19Dragon and Sword Master
Honestly, I would like to see Tatsuki/Naruto because they're both fighters, they're both friends with the strawberry and princess and both of them are protectors. (Tatsuki protecting Orihime and Naruto...yeah), although I can also see Tatsuki/Naruto/Yoruichi but I'm not sure why. Maybe because I can see Tatsuki as a younger Yoruichi?

Anyways, a great chapter as always and now we know why Naruto can't use his hanyou form...and they're all fucked if Naruto doesn't pull an Ichigo and revive his blade.
2/22/2008 c7 naruto maniac
Yoruichi would be the best pairing because there both the playful type, shes just hot, and shes that awesome. Multiple pairings getcomplicated and unrealistic so the story kind of gets ruined.
2/22/2008 c7 1Xyan99
Well I like the story but...DAMN YOU AND YOUR CLIFFY!

Now, Are we getting an Arrancar or Vaizard Naruto? Seems like an Arrancar what with him being all Vasto-Lorde right now.

And for pairings, I like Soi-Fon and Yoruichi, I dont really care which :)

Update soon to fix that damn cliffy
2/22/2008 c7 3Dragon Noir
good one, i really hope naruto will be able to take care of "chuckles" and destroy that parasitic hollow soul and get his hanyou body back (i'm sure yoruichi would have a fan-girl fit ^^)

so his unbound spiritual power is at the level of a vast-lorde, interesting, really interesting, i wonder how you'll involve naruto in the "rescue rukia" arc, that is if you involve him directly and not in a behind-the-scene way
2/22/2008 c7 1Garuto
sweet. naruto/yoroichi
2/22/2008 c7 warprince2000
That was one of the best Chapters I have ever read, can't wait to see what happens next (update soon plz)
2/22/2008 c7 2Primal Chaos
good i pm my girl choice
2/22/2008 c7 2teamkyubi13
i first appaulde this new chapter and new twists in the story. the plot continues to thicken in a very interesting way. For a pairing , I would say a harem pairing, and I do have reasoning. For one it would make for many interesting and funny scenes between naruto and the girls and between the girls vying for naruto's affection. Secondly, the first common bond they would have is their love/affection for naruto, bring them closer because of that.

They would get along by seeing that naruto does have room in his heart for all of them and that they don't need to compete for a spot in his big heart. Secondly, naruto would play peace keeper and make the girls play nice or not get any loving from him.

The girls I would see best would be soi fon, yoruichi ( both have a ninja like connection to him) Tatsuki ( fighting bond) orihime, matsumoto ( both of them are rather odd, and naruto is the only one who likes orihime's cooking besides matsumoto, so she bonds to him like that, matsumoto could respect his power and i somehow see her being addicted to seeing his fox form and thinking it was cute)

thank you

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