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for NarutoxBleach FAILURE

2/22/2008 c7 3apocalyps24
you know i new this would happen... and you just ruined it for me. its so unoriginal to give him an inner hollow its not even funny... you pretty much just killed this story for me allthough ill keep an eye on it maybe you can redeam yourself (at least in my opinion)

maby if you kill it of quickly...

2/22/2008 c6 3Dragon Noir
very interesting settings with naruto's interactions with everyone (though we've yet to see uryu's taking of the situation) and i sepecially like how you're taking orihime and tatsuki in the mix (though i find strange that chizuru didn't try anything while naruto and orihime were "sharing a moment" (aka to normal people him eating the food she offered)) hmm good one with naruto and ichigo in the end, i was half expecting something like that, the other half waiting for naruto to fly off the handle and bitchslap ichigo (or maybe rukia would have done it, strategically thinking it's not wise to anger a potentially powerful unknown)

a good chapter, though the tar and feather sounds really tempting XD

as for naruto's powers, that's dificult since i don't really have any idea to how you'd evolve his demonic powers, though logically that's the most interesting way to go, it can be put on hold for now and have naruto focus on some shinigami training to be brought up to par with standard shinigami level in reiatsu-control... though i wonder if maybe some sealing wouldn't bring interesting stuff (which reminds me, wouldn't yoruichi and hurahara notice that naruto is leaking quite a lot of energy even when suppressing it? naruto could have drawn a seal on his torso to act like a lock or a buffer to put all the leaking energy in so no one notices)
2/22/2008 c7 1OmniscientOne
Nice, u know, we never questioned what type of hollow ichigo became... You raise a good point. And if naruto's a vasto lorde hollow, then what can he become as a vaizard... the possibilites are endless...

And pairings, i would love Tatsuki to be included, just cuz i can see those two getting along due to similar mindsets of protection and fighting, and orihime just cuz of their love of wierd food (even if it smells bad :))
2/22/2008 c7 TheDon1023
i would say either Yorouchi or Unahana since that pairing is hella rare and i just know shes a very powerful person if even Aizen gave her props in the manga, not to mention shes a pretty sexy lady
2/22/2008 c7 8DrendeSalkash
ok, this was a good chapter. didn't expect the vasto-lorde part. i just thought it woulda been something more along the lines of what Ichigo went through. well, it kinda is the same, but still different. confusing, right? as for pairings, well i would like to see NarutoxYoruichixTatsuki. the reason i wanna see this is because, well, i can see Yoruichi and Tatsuki getting along very well. Tatsuki seems just like a younger version of Yoruichi. and it would be easy to write in a way to get Tatsuki more interested in Naruto: through a spar. as for Yoruchi, well hell, you already set that one up yourself! well, hope my suggestion helps. hell, i might even msg ya for more pairing ideas and why later. here's to this chapter and the next to Demonic Nemesis!
2/22/2008 c7 7VyseN
What do you mean "Ishida Ametatsu"? His name is Ishida Uryƫ... or did you change his name for a reason? Hm... or maybe, this is an entirely different Ishida? Oh well... Anyway, this is shaping up to be something awesome, so I'm looking foreward to reading more of this story soon.

As for the pairing, I presume you're going with Bleach girls only? Well, I would prefer Yoruichi since I'm a big fan of her character (and it doesn't hurt that she's kinda hot for a drawing), but I wouldn't mind Unohana (fourth bantai captain), Soifon or Kuukaku.. she would be the most interesting, since she's lacking an arm and Naruto has the ability to heal his... maybe he could help her out? Who knows (I bet Tite Kubo and you would know).

Anyway, as long as its not Hinamori (the annoying Aizen fangirl) I'm ok with most pairings as long as we don't cross the yaoi line. If you introduce more Naruto characters, a NaruHina would make me stop reading but I can take anything else!

Good chapter, I enjoyed it very much. I'll see you next time, so have fun eating food, sleeping with women and drinking beer from the bottles like a real man! (or you could just do whatever you want... I don't care really XD)
2/22/2008 c7 The Chronic Masturbater
DUDE another good chapter and its nice to see that you put some humer in it
2/22/2008 c7 1MobMentality
Very cool chapter, a decent explanation for how the conflicting energies of Naruto's body interact, and the idea of a spectrum of demonic energies is interesting. For the pairing of the story, I strongly vote Yoruichi with Soifong, or Yoruichi on her own. At the very least it has to be a shinigami, since it would be rather odd for a millennia old being to be dating a fifteen-year old, the difference in experience and maturity would just be too great. I like Yoruichi for the pairing because Naruto already likes her, she is - in my mind at least - the hottest Bleach woman, and her fun-loving and playful personality meshes really meshes well with Naruto. I also think it would be easy to write a convincing threesome involving Soifong because she is already clearly in love with Yoruichi (there is no way all the emotion she has towards her is simply out of respect and awe), and I think it would be funny to have her competing with Naruto for Yoruichi's affections and eventually falling for him as well.
2/22/2008 c7 SpeeDemon
you could use yoruichi or this kukaku
2/22/2008 c7 inevitable
Naruto is Vasto-lord. Woah. You should make him able to transform into a Vasto lord or shinigami with his free will. Wouldn't it be funny to see a Vasto lord working with a shinigami? I can so see the shocked faces of shinigamis in Seireitei in the retrieving Rukia arc.

For pairing, either

Soifon (2nd division)- her profession is similar to that of naruto's so she can relate to him through her job.

Unohana (4th division) - her kind personality probably reminds naruto of Haku. Probably by talking to her, he would probably see Haku's reflection i.e feels like talking to Haku. Her kind nature may help make him realise that he needs bonds.
2/22/2008 c1 1Cyrix-Moonblade
the story is very good and done in a way that hasn't been done yet in the naruto/bleach xovers that i've read. i like how is develuping and not just making him have everything and that he is working for everything.

naruto/Yoruichi/Tatsuki i think this would work out fine like have Tatsuki be affected by naruto's Reiatsu affect her like ichigo's effects chad, orihime and the few others that can now see spirits in the anime/manga. Having her be effected would be a nice little twist and she does like fighting like tijutsu kinda thing so it would be a good combo. As for Yoruichi i've read a few that said they would do it but always switched to soyfon in the end so i would like to see one where he's with her. as for the relationship they both like to joke around and poke fun and i can see yoruichi have a small pranksterside to her. with the interaction that you have so far with her and naruto it would be kinda wierd if she just stoped taking intrest.

In all i love the story so far and i hope updates come faster i would like to actually read a naruto/bleach fic that finished.
2/22/2008 c7 firelordeg
wow jus wo please update again a.s.a.l.a.
2/22/2008 c7 2Zombie Master
Nice. And I have an Idea what you are going to do with the little Hollow down there but I can't say that I will be happy if that happens what I think will happen.
2/22/2008 c7 Lazarian
I vote for YoruichixNaruto or SoifonxNaruto or if possible both with naruto. yoruichi is because, well, she's the first person naruto met and more than likely theres a bond there. Soifon is because i think that soifon and naruto might be quite similar at least in terms of jobs. if it was both girls with naruto, could start out with a contest between the two cause they both want to be with him and the end ... something. i've run out of ideas. oh well, good luck dude! please update soon!
2/22/2008 c7 scione
im like you i got know prob with none of the girls see you next chapter.
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