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for Blood Under the Sun

12/19/2010 c1 6Loverofgoodstories27
good story! liked the part where Reid was chicken of the water! I have a friend that likes the Covenant, and I sent her that part of the story in an email! she thought it was funny! I told her I didn't write it too!
6/28/2008 c1 rusalka9
I was freaking out. I kept mentally shouting, "WTF? Why doesn't someone do something? You've got MAGIC, dumbasses!" Thank God for Reid. Poor Baby Boy. I have a strong desire to cuddle and baby him. ;)
12/8/2007 c1 Pixie-9876
Hey! loved the story...it was fantastic! i especially loved the part when reid ran into the water to save his best buddy!it was great!

p.s i also love how u considered and took my idea for the ending lol... M.
11/25/2007 c1 9charming2drew
Wow! That was a GREAT one shot! I loved it! It is definitely going on my FAV! I am so happy that you wrote it about Tyler! Made my day!

11/25/2007 c1 4blazingfire03
that was really good and i love how reid risked his life to go and save tyler, talk about a true friend. great job and don't stop writing stories especially if they are tyler centered. can't wait for the update of your other story!

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