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for Convincing

8/13/2008 c1 2Punky Princess 89
I really liked this, it was so cute! Just the thought of him chasing her thru the city and the way he knew how to get his hat back was hilarious! If you ever think of continuing, u shuld so write a cane stealing one!
7/5/2008 c1 52Shadow-ofthe-Night35
Giggling my ass off. That was wonderful.


5/31/2008 c1 11annieluwho
cute story .haha i love the ending !
12/19/2007 c1 smashleigh
i wuvvle it
12/11/2007 c1 3Johannas mirror
OH. my. heavens.

The world of newsies recognizes the absolute cutest ficlet that ever exhisted into its hall of fame.

you are my hero...
12/7/2007 c1 11FlamingYingYang
i liked it. i think you need a page break and maybe like right befor the kiss have spot say somthing but other than that i see nothing wrong with it. it's an interesting story and i can't wait to read more from you. Reya

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