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1/30/2014 c1 15Vanessa Masters
My most FAVE story of all time. it's my head cannon for Grendels mother. :D
11/6/2011 c1 39ptdf
Very well written. Loved the story-within-a-story structure.
5/26/2009 c1 76Keppiehed
I have to give you kudos for the research you must have done. It rings true with authenticity, and I just loved the feel of the whole thing from beginning to end. I think you really nailed the character of the old stories. Thanks, well done.
2/10/2009 c1 11Sthrissa
This took a bit of research for me to fully understand the references, but I have to say it was time very well spent. I loved the movie's interpretation of the Beowulf epic, and the way your story fits so well with the movie and Norse mythology is simply wonderful.
7/8/2008 c1 18M.F.D
Even though I never really liked the Beowulf story (or the movie x_x), I still like Grendel's mother. AND THIS FIC IS SO GOOD at explaining exactly what she is and what drives her. Love it. Absolutely adore the mythological take. Makes a lot of sense. :D
12/14/2007 c1 4cdog21
At first I thought this story was about Grendel, but it doesn't really matter because I liked Beowulf's son even more. I just saw it at the theater in 3D so I liked this little story even more.
11/26/2007 c1 26Raihu
I'd been wondering if a few Beowulf fics would float up in response to the movie, but I didn't dare hope to find such a beautiful one so soon. You've integrated your research and your own extrapolations to weave some really wonderful speculative mythology here. And I love your representations of Grendel and his mother, so elegant and thoughtful for demonkind. Just great from beginning to end.

Ha, and this reminds me: I read Beowulf when I was too young to really understand it, and thought the dragon might actually have been Grendel's father. Ancient tabloid paternity scandal, GO!

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