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1/30/2002 c4 3Kiku1
It's me, it's me! Here to review another on of your fanfics. Though I don't know why I bother because you already know I love your work. It's a good thing your not a samless egotistical person or your head would be the size of a watermellon by now. Lets cut to the case, you know your good. Why is it that you think you need constant reassurance. Though I guess even the great Bob needs a little gradification once and a while. So here...You Rock.

Happy now?
9/2/2001 c4 Dinosaur2
9/2/2001 c4 3ShadowShifter
RoFL! One of the more entertaining things I've ever read ;)
9/2/2001 c1 wet-poop-sauce
it was hella funny

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