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for Sixteen Candles

5/23/2016 c2 srimoyee bosu
'did you like it?' of course i like it silly! NO...WAIT... i don't like it...i simply love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love lovelooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!
8/9/2012 c1 rain
i simply LOVE this story! hope you come up with many more such stories
6/29/2011 c2 2Pirate In Disguise
Its truly Amazing *-*

You kept the characters' personality as they are in tge series... Which is very impressive.

Although something IS bothering me... this story seems to be the only one you wrote in english and not in spanish..

can you please write your next one abt those two in english? Please? ^.^

This one is defenitly on my Favourite Stories List ^.^

keep it up and best of lucks in the next one

9/3/2010 c2 tigerwapa
Your City Hunter really capture the personality of Ryo and Kaori. And your story complete the missing part of City Hunter from original videos and manga books. Ryo is too wishy washy. And too shy to show his feelings to Kaori in words. Your story shows that Ryo and Kaori finally ... without any delay. That will make your reader happy for sure.

Good job! Hoping new romantic City Hunter video come out during our lifetime. HA.
8/17/2010 c2 10venz07
I know I'm uber late, but I LOVE THIS STORY! :D :D :D
8/10/2010 c2 Mrscage
I love it! I was looking for some City Hunter fanfiction where I could see my dear couple together and I found your story, it's just a great story, thank you so much for writing this fanfiction and making me feel happy, I could picture Ryo and Kaori so well while reading it. You managed very well to show their feelings and to make them admit it, while keeping Ryo and Kaori like they are in the original story.
7/10/2009 c2 Mayaku
Hello i really liked this story, i wanted to ask if it' possible for me to translate this story in french?

i will put in a website for french people who likes city hunter fanfictions.

i hope that don't annoy the author...she can write at to tell me if she is okay or not!

Thank you
7/9/2009 c2 noraily
I absolutely loved that story !
6/12/2009 c1 Dada88
This is perfect! Really well done!

You made me cry...

4/15/2009 c2 lifesend
Dear Author: I want to tell you that this story is truly wonderful. I enjoyed the different plot twists, especially the client's ability to hypnotize other people. It is difficult to create a story where there is action and romance - I think your story does it very well. As a city hunter fan, I've always wanted Ryo and Kaori to be together but I have not found many fanfics that can create a situation where it is believable, not cliche. So your story is really good for making the romance believable. Lastly, I can tell by your other stories that English is not your first language, but you've written this story in pretty good English, so you should be commended for your English. Thank you for an enjoyable read!

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