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for When You don't Believe

HA! HA! LOL LMAO! THAT IS SO FRICKIN FUNNY! HA! HA! Maybe if they do a song similar to this one for How to Train your Dragon or Percy Jackson, Now that would be REAL Funny! 10/10
1/22/2010 c1 30Arashi Maxwell
-is laughing too hard to tell you how funny she thinks this is-
12/14/2009 c1 13Joseph Laban
And you won't be saved when you don't believe!

Wonderful job, and very true. There can't be miracles when you don't believe. So if you want to be set free from the slavery of sin by the Prophet like Moses, Jesus Christ, you must believe!

Like He said, "Don't be afraid, only believe."

When you believe in Christ, you will get to experience a greater Exodus than the one led by Moses. Don't miss it.

Or do you want to miss the miracle? You decide. But as for me, I'm following Jesus out of "Egypt". Come along for the ride!

God bless you, Gangster 90. (I'm a Christian, by the way.) ;-)
9/24/2009 c1 122PinkRangerV
I'm pretty sure this counts as mildly twisted. *snickers* Awesome...
9/15/2009 c1 Emily
Sorry, one line just got to me: When you don't believe, somehow you won't.

Wow. How strangely funny! : )
5/12/2009 c1 Oh
Oh, this just sucks! How could you! How could someone NOT break the rule "no flames?" UNBELIEVABLE! I hate this!
3/8/2009 c1 roddy
I also love the song, and Iam not above mocking it.
7/22/2008 c1 shadedhero
hehehe, this is actually good! it goes in time with the music and everything! i know because im sad and sug along to it haha ^^ well done though!

and cheer up! (thats a joke lol) i likes
4/18/2008 c1 16zigmas
If you read in intentively - it's more of a slight logical (& grammar) contradiction rather than an offense. :D

Eg. You won't if you don't = you will if you do.
11/28/2007 c1 5freakypencils
LOL that was funny. I loved that song too! Yes, next to "Through Heaven's Eyes".

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