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7/5/2008 c4 Gravity The Wizard
Cool Story! What an evil place to have a cliff hanger though.
5/15/2008 c4 PaulRap Raptor
ok. Keep up the good work.
5/14/2008 c4 15Paladeus
Hidy hidy,

I'm glad that the Naru/Hina is getting further along. That's always a pleasant aspect of things.

The dream of Jiraiya's was funny also. I'm curious to see where that leads.

I think the sword was the obvious easter egg. o.o

Only dislike would be chapter length. Other than that, not bad.

3/18/2008 c3 Gravity The Wizard
Cool story I hope you continue it.
1/31/2008 c3 1Cybernetic Hinote
This is a good start, the romance made me cry, but it was good tears, then seeing Shikamaru made me laugh. Cause Shikamaru's cool like that. I can't wait to see more.
1/28/2008 c3 PaulRap Raptor
Keep up the good work.
1/28/2008 c3 15Paladeus

Me likey Shika sleeping in his dreams and the lazy-ass attitude.

I do wonder why everyone seems to like making cinnamon buns Hinata's favourite food/snack. While I admit, they work, I find it a curious thing.

See ya next chappie!

1/9/2008 c2 1grafm200
Hello, Good story, but the Kyuubi in a cheer leading outfit. Never heard that before. it's just to D* creepy. Anyway What will Anko do to Hiashi? OMG! It burn us! It burns us!
12/3/2007 c2 3MasterDreamer128
hahaHA ha lolies i love this store update soo kk bye
12/2/2007 c2 PaulRap Raptor
I LOVE it. Keep up the good work.
12/2/2007 c1 PaulRap Raptor
I like it. Keep up the good work.
12/2/2007 c2 15Paladeus
Hidy hidy!

I'm always happy to see Hinata be okay with Naruto being the carrier of the Kyuubi. So I enjoyed that bit.

It was also nice to get an idea of what's supposed to happenw ith the thing in the sky and know where Kyuubi is. Is Kyuubi going be able to slowly escape a little at a time or all at once at the end, even if ever.

I'm looking forward to seeing what your plans are now that they have unlimited access to all scrolls within the entire city and such.

Hiashi is really getting on my nerves, though. But, it should be fun to see how he turns out after Anko gets done with him. (slow and creepy grin forms on face)

As for dislikes, I'm only really against the chapter length, but it just means faster updates. Its a pet peeve, so I'm always mentioning it, even at 8+ thousand words.

I'm also a fluff addict (AND PROUD OF IT!) so I'm hoping to see some soon, but I can see it taking several chapters since things are progressing little by little. Sadly, that's going to happen with portraying the story both inside and outside of the mindscape.

Anyway, see you next chappie!

11/29/2007 c1 3MasterDreamer128
oohoohooh keep updateing pwease
11/29/2007 c1 2Warper
This is my first review and also the second Fan Fiction I've ever read but I like the premise and the development so far. Personally I'm looking forward to a long story. Keep it going :)
11/29/2007 c1 15Paladeus
Hidy hidy!

I like the premise of the story (Kyuubi's escape and the reason they're in the mindscape.) Its intrigueing and I rather look forward to seeing your descriptions of the world in general and seeing what will happen with the odd energy thing in the sky.

The Prologue gave us just enough, really, to get interested in the story and have an idea of what's going on, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

As for dislikes, the only thing I really have is chapter length, as that's a pet peeve of mine. But, its an understandable one considering this is only a prologue and the first chapter. They are always short and such.

See you next chapter!

Ja ne


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