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7/31/2010 c8 Mia H
It is not nice to the reader to place long pieces of foreign languages in the middle og the story. If she knew the language, she could translate to the reader.
9/25/2009 c28 7NefariousImp
I think this fic is absolutly marvelous! I have no clue who Phade or Green Arrow are, but I'm getting the picture. I took one paltry lil spanish class in my 10th grade year and got a B but it's been almost 15 yrs and I find myself nearly crying with frustration trying to keep up with the bi-lingual conversations. Could you please put in the translations in parenthesis beside it so us uneducated fools can keep up with this awesome story?

Other than that I have no complaints what so ever. Amazing, I love Vala, you've smoothed her in as an OFC to where I don't find her as an OFC but an actual Slayer that this happened to in the Buffyverse. Love King and hope they come back and I adore the extremely long chapters!

Keep up the great work and update soon, please!
6/12/2008 c25 many.of.my.years
hehe, very good! light hearted and funny with a seriuos tinge. i enjoyed it. thats for updating!
6/4/2008 c24 many.of.my.years
ooh? who?
5/23/2008 c21 many.of.my.years
haha! you're a legand. nothing to critise. you're a legand!
4/3/2008 c20 many.of.my.years
okk... phade has been and gone. i'll have to go back. coz im a lil confused i cn see how you didnt want to continue the other one yet. as for the buffy and faith thing. i think you did the right thing. buffy was down to a T. and faoth well duh, it was good. i wanted a super cool knife or something. but yea i guess jornals would mean a hell of a lot more. plus a way to explain stuff. i guess it a good idea from an author point of view. your doing well. and i have one thing to say to all you slacker not reviewing! your mean! it doesnt take that long to say good job! of great job, or this sucks! but it doesnt so if you say that your even more mean! hehe just review ok!
4/3/2008 c19 many.of.my.years
oh come on! i read the first bit when you first posted it, bu ubni got way to crazy and i've just finished. im shocked that there hasn't been another update in between. shocking! so disapointed.
3/13/2008 c18 many.of.my.years
YAY! she is in sunnydale! excellent! brilliant. cant wait!
2/28/2008 c15 many.of.my.years
oh i think she is going back to slayer business in a couple of chapters.. but hopefully not before something happens with king, be it bad or good.
2/19/2008 c14 many.of.my.years
oh no oh no! i went to press next again not remembering only get one chapter. haha whata loser i am. anyway! hmm.. am i missing something you need to give me a time line.. she went bak home to mexico? oh would have thought when? hmm.. i guess if i'm not missing something you'll reveal in your owm time. still eaiting for the king and jericho relationship development! haha poor you to have such a romatic for an avid fan. hehe

1/31/2008 c13 many.of.my.years
HUH? HUH? oh so lost, thats great! it was long to i always like long chapters. told you a romance! hehe. i love it!
1/29/2008 c12 many.of.my.years
so... romance on the way perhaps..?
1/23/2008 c10 many.of.my.years
oh blade. i only recently watched the first one but i can guess the charcters. interesting.. now she has someone to work with ... if she ever goes back to slaying. and i'm curious has she told the buffy gang...?
1/22/2008 c9 many.of.my.years
oh interesting! wonder whats going to happen. good to know she isn't a striper... a lil diginety is good.
1/19/2008 c7 many.of.my.years
wow your a machine. 3 updates. go team!
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