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2/21/2008 c10 haldir11
I greatly enjoyed your follow up story to Moonlight to Dawn. The relationship you've developed between Mick and Beth really resonates with me. It feels very true to the characters. Mick is still protective of Beth, but he also realizes what a strong woman she is. I loved the scenerio where Beth needed to feed Josef to save him and she explained that he truly was family. I like the vampire community and its hierarchy that you've developed. I think you've done a wonderful job with Josef's character development too. I hope you continue to write stories in this particular universe you've created. I also enjoy the relationship you've been developing between Josef and Beth's mother Marilyn. I'd love to see a story where Marilyn is threatened (maybe by someone trying to get to Beth) and Josef takes great acception to that threat.

haldir11 (also known as xphile11)
2/19/2008 c10 Redlioness62
Great story...loved the "Pinky we are gonna take over the world' from Pinky & the Brain. Brava!
2/12/2008 c1 scrappyearnhardt
Great one!
2/10/2008 c10 1BluRaven22
I demand a sequel or would it be considered a trilogy? Oh well I demand on anyway! This is amazing I just love it! I hope you write more. Great work! -Michelle
2/5/2008 c10 Elly-sama
i can't wait for the sequel, 'cause i believe in miracles (you know , mick jr lolz).

2/2/2008 c10 7Shapeshifting Author
Ah, yes! There's the romance I was hoping for. Great note to end it on. 'Dark ale', huh? I wonder if he was messing up on purpose in order to dodge having to help. As for the suspense portion, I'm not surprised it was an inside job, that's what makes it all the more devious. Well, I looked forward to your next tangled web of intruige.
2/2/2008 c10 3MusicNinja
Great end (for now) to a great story. I love Josef! I love his kick ass techies! I espacially enjoyed the 'John the baptist' bit! Religon is such a grand plot device. Kudos on a fantastic story. Write more.
2/2/2008 c10 133ChibiDawn23
Would chanting "SEQUEL" get me anywhere?

Aw, well, anyway. This was awesome. Everybody stayed in character the entire time and you write Josef just like he sounds on the show.

Can't wait to read more from you!
2/1/2008 c10 1112 Withering Roses
Sweetness...can't wait for the next installment. Keep it coming!

2/1/2008 c10 28Puck and Rachel fan
I loved it.

2/1/2008 c10 Selena Angel
I have completely slacked off on my reviews.. This was absolutely amazing.. I love the little comment "Yes Pinky were taking over the world" from Josef.. I almost fell out of my desk chair. I used to watch that cartoon all the time and to picture Josef saying something like that was freaking hilarious. I loved the conversations between Mick, Josef, Beth and the council. I truly enjoyed how you wrapped it all up and tied it into the cure. It's about time Coraline got her 'what for'. This is one of the best written stories on here. Makes me want to go buy a new dictionairy, what,with all the eloquent speaking and writing. :) Please Continue to write. You are Amazing and you have a Gift that many of us wish for.. If my writing could be as amazing as this.. I'd have it made.
2/1/2008 c10 4bucky.bae
Wow! Love it! I so hope you make a sequel. And when you do let me know. I also love that sentence "...My techies kick ass" LOL. Great story.
2/1/2008 c10 2shell36799
It was really good.
2/1/2008 c10 xosummerxo
good story.please do a sequel..
2/1/2008 c10 46moonjat54
Great finish. Really great finish. I enjoyed this. Thanks for writing.
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