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1/9/2010 c8 xxxdarkxlonleyxloverxxx
hey love the story but...she wouldn't b able to kiss him if he didnt have his mask on, his mask is what alowse people to be able to even touch him...she would b rotting from the inside out right now...

but i still love your story it realy good! =D
1/24/2008 c14 1Miss Mingxi
o this chap was kool!
1/24/2008 c14 dominiqueanne

1/24/2008 c14 yue679
cool... like me... yeah...

ANNYways keep updating! this story just keeps getting better and better. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! bye.
1/24/2008 c14 1HengHeng
HAi! Anyway What happens if Ai is found pregnant or somethin on the next episode? LOL! and what is ai's second alice? Or shuld i say what is Kagurazaka's alice? I mean how can she possibly break that alice while not even touchin Mikan or's not lyk she hav the nullifiying alice right?
1/10/2008 c1 14Claire Poncherrii
this is interesting...
1/10/2008 c13 dominiqueanne

loving it so far, looking forward to the next chapter

update soon
1/10/2008 c13 1HengHeng NxM or PxAi xP Always lookking out for them xP..So Looking FORWArd to The Finale! ^^
1/5/2008 c12 Lovely C. Mercado
Finish your story as soon as you can!Pls...Pls...Pls...Pls...Pls...Pls...
1/5/2008 c12 HengHeng
Wonder wad permission she wans? perhaps to kill that guy? Stop that guy to interact with mikan? Man! this is getting DAMN exciting~! Can't wait for the next chappies ^^
1/4/2008 c11 HengHeng
LOL i can't believe persona actually did that xP hmm..actually how old is persona? Anyway Nice story! Love it
12/23/2007 c9 KT
I really like your story. Keep up the good work. Please update soon.
12/7/2007 c9 GirlWhoLivedd
can have more of persona and ai?
12/7/2007 c8 GirlWhoLivedd
nice chapter i love it!
12/5/2007 c6 6Gaelle Mari
hey I really like your story

It's one of the best!

I really like all fanfics about Persona!


Haha gomen for that I just really like everything about him, his coldness, seriousness and the looks!

continue your story It's great!

ja! annaoj
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