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12/5/2007 c6 GirlWhoLivedd
i really like your story very much!
12/4/2007 c1 Lovely C. Mercado
I really like your story!Keep it up.
12/3/2007 c4 GirlWhoLivedd
so nice chapter
12/3/2007 c2 12Elv
Ano Ai-chan.. I think it`s better if you just replace the old chapters with your newly edited chapters. Well, it`s really a regret that you deleted the old story. It was good, honestly. Hope I could read more of your fics in the future^^
11/30/2007 c2 GirlWhoLivedd
ruka reaction is so funny!
11/30/2007 c2 Her Cousin Was Here-Mwahahahah
Isn't "I'm home" "tadaima"?

I was so sure it was.

And "I see" is "sou ka," not "souka."

That one I'm sure of.

Anyways, why are you re-writing the whole story?

Update soon please!

Much Love,

11/30/2007 c1 8Daydreaming Anna
Yes. I deleted the old one because of too many ridiculous mistakes. i felt a little regret since i deleted the old one; the reviews. Oh well, rather than too many mistakes. haha :D
11/30/2007 c1 GirlWhoLivedd
so you deleted the old one and update the new one...
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