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4/10/2008 c29 20Pinayprincesa
YEY! A job well done match by none other than Xander ^_^
4/7/2008 c28 Pinayprincesa
Glad Xander got his revenge on Edge! Can't wait to find out what'll happen next with the two
4/4/2008 c27 Pinayprincesa
WOW! glad Shwan and the others see alot of potential on Xander ^_^
3/30/2008 c26 Pinayprincesa
Hope Xander will b able to locate Balls and try to talk to him
3/24/2008 c25 Pinayprincesa
Wow! seems like everybody is pretty impressed with Xander ^_^ can't wait to read about hin and John having a match 2gether
2/29/2008 c20 WrestlingFanRocks
Are you ever gonna say who the mystery girl is?
2/27/2008 c19 the unkown guy
Bad Birthday present for him!
2/12/2008 c16 6cassymae
can't wait to see what they do =]
1/16/2008 c13 cassymae
damn, i hope he wins!
12/12/2007 c7 20Pinayprincesa
lol:P Can't wait to read the rest of this story,this is getting interesting so far!
12/10/2007 c7 WrestlingFanRocks
I think that it was a really good chapter and that noble got beat bad I just really hate that guy. Is Ashley going to be Xander girlfriend sometime in the story?
12/10/2007 c7 6Odyssey's Burner
Same comments as the last reveiw and very good!
12/10/2007 c6 Odyssey's Burner
Okay now where to begin? This story has potential it really does...however no story goes without is problems. Remember, the comma key is you friend, it seems to go a little too fast. Also, use a different word instead of "said" here are some examples.










and others. I'm just helping you improve your vocab!
12/9/2007 c6 6cassymae
like the chapter! =]
12/9/2007 c6 HowlingFenrir
Good job. I like this story.

Your matches are very good, but could be a bit longer. I like how you have it in his POV. Overall I'm liking this story and hope you update soon.
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