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7/19/2019 c3 2grimmich
...that was really immature of her...
7/19/2019 c1 grimmich
interesting start but you should probably find someone to proof read for you...
8/27/2017 c35 Guest
LoVed IT!
9/9/2016 c35 Guest
Please classify as complete or please finish this story.
1/3/2016 c35 Princesakarlita411
7/23/2015 c35 Guest
good story, well done!
7/23/2015 c26 Guest
At last, a fanfic where someone has the sense to point out what a truly terrible movie "Easy Rider" was. Well done! There is even a fanfic story that has Vergan naming their kids after characters from that awful film.
7/23/2015 c15 Guest
how did Keith get to the pool house?
glad V. stood up to him, wish she had done so in the tv series.
7/23/2015 c14 Guest
It is great that V will not let herself be bullied by her overbearing father. He was even willing to date one of her teachers in the tv series! THe other kids would have tortured her for that, and he did not even think about the impact on Veronica of his actions.
7/23/2015 c11 Guest
good to see your V standing up for herself to Keith.
I felt his behaviour in the TV series towards the boys who were dating her , was deeply unsettling. It was not the behaviour of a father with a normal reltionship towards his daughter. It was creepy and borderline pervy.
7/23/2015 c8 Guest
Logan is such a weak, needy, hapless,immature,etc. i could never understand what a strong woman like Veronica saw in him. She is just going to have him weigh her down forever with his antics.
7/8/2015 c35 Guest
Nice job.
7/2/2015 c35 26Josielynn
Good action packed ending. Way to go Logan for taping Aaron. Epilogue can be so many things... a week in the future, at the end of Aaron's trial, in college or at high school or college graduation... just to name a few.
7/2/2015 c35 LoVePJandBrucasLover
Good update.
7/2/2015 c35 Angelpete87
I like this chapter I am happy that they got Aaron for killing Lilly and Logan with some smart thinking had extra proof
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