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7/9/2009 c3 ihearttheo.c
Love the story, it's adorable and funny!
5/22/2009 c2 Darcy
You said that Hermione was 17 and Ron was 13. Huh?
7/4/2008 c3 3Mell of Ileadh
Again, RON IS A PERV! ANyways, love this story!
7/4/2008 c1 Mell of Ileadh
Ron's a perv! Anyways, I love the wya you write! It's like you can tell what the person is thinking all the time!
2/3/2008 c3 fanficfan1037
One of the best accomplishments in fanfiction. Yes I loved it! I especially loved the line where Ron said he couldn't leave the bra there cause it would be lonely ;) lonely indeed.
2/3/2008 c2 fanficfan1037
I LIKE this story!
2/3/2008 c1 fanficfan1037
LOL! Ron, that frisky bugger! LMAO
12/21/2007 c3 11xLupinxLoverx

Love it, defintely going in my favourites :D
12/15/2007 c3 kjm623
i loved it. it got me captivated. in the beginning i thought it was going to be one of the same fan fics i always read but i really did love it in the end. its on my favorites list!
12/10/2007 c3 2weasleyismyprince
that was really great! this story makes me laugh!
12/9/2007 c3 18RonWeasleyismiking
haha.. i really enjoyed it! well done
12/9/2007 c3 13ImpNo1
Uhh..that was strange, but in a good way! I liked it it was really funny.

Actually, I think Hermione would have slapped him...but that's just my opinion.

Lol. Ron's a perv.

Loved it,

12/9/2007 c3 2SisterBear
Very cute! I really enjoyed this. You're good.
12/9/2007 c2 SisterBear
Again, great chapter, but I think Hermione was a little too OOC. I dunno if you ment to do that or what but other than that, this chapter was great. I liked the whole Mission Impossible thing.

Listen, I was wondering if you would be willing to read and review my story- Night by the Lake: The Journey to a Proposal. I would really mean a lot to me if you would read and review it.


12/9/2007 c1 SisterBear
I really liked this! Its really cute I can't wait to see what happens next. In fact, as soon as i finish thins review, I;m gonna click the little arrow button to see.

But I do need to say something. You did have a couple gramatical errors but, then again, I have yet to eet soeone who doesn't (including myself, I'm one of the worst. I go through a million editors first). there was one thing that annoyed me though. If this chapter is from Ron's POV, why did he call Seamus' Irish accent "lovable". I honestly believe that Ron would not say such a thing, but other than that, Its great!
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