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10/27/2019 c6 2tefe203
to be continued
9/15/2008 c6 slitherinprincess3
hey, I havent heard from you in a bit, i finally checked my mail and saw you updated. the chapter is really good, its good to see you have still been writing
7/9/2008 c5 1x22rebel
wicked. this is definitly another side of grissom
5/6/2008 c5 slitherinprincess3
hey, you updated it. Great chapter and I would never say anything about the locations of where characters grew up at not being fact because I do the same thing.
12/9/2007 c4 slitherinprincess3
wow that chapter was pritty dark, but I still loved it
12/5/2007 c3 slitherinprincess3
again, another great chapter, and I have to say, wow. this story is getting really good
12/3/2007 c2 slitherinprincess3
wow, great chapter, i'll tell my sister to read this fic, i think she'll like it too
12/3/2007 c2 3fakebeebite85
Wow. That was intense but I like it. If you still need a beta I don't mind.
12/3/2007 c1 slitherinprincess3
I think this will be another great story, usualy i dont read CSI fics but i figuredwhy not, and so far i love it
12/2/2007 c1 fakebeebite85
I like the idea of your story. sounds good.
12/2/2007 c1 dirtylabrat
In the description... I think you meant black market?

I have always believed that Grissom has something dark in his past. Great story!

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