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10/20/2017 c1 Dannee87
I like itis there more?
10/20/2015 c1 3The Richmaster
This was a really interesting idea; I would have loved if something like this happened in the canon DC comics.
I liked this it's a pity that it didn't go on for longer, maybe showing Jason and SB-Prime's misadventures through various different worlds, how Donna and Kyle react and maybe the reaction of various heroes (the bat-clan in particular) to the fact that someone as powerful as Superboy Prime is looking to Red Hood, of all people, for guidance.

You did a great job on this, I get the feeling that I'm going to be bugged by the possibilities of what could happen next in this for a while.
7/3/2013 c1 8ViandasJohnson
You write Countdown better than the actual Countdown writers.

If only you could've been paid to write that damn miniseries.
4/22/2011 c1 PastaStarter
This is really cool you actually turned count down into something interesting and cool.

You should really continue this
2/18/2010 c1 3Dr.Doom23
I would like to see this story to contiue I like the premise
6/19/2009 c1 Forever Rahhel
Hmm, I like the idea.

They would be quite a different World's Finest team than Superman and Batman.

Keep it up.
2/9/2008 c1 150Green Gallant
Wow, that was pretty good. I use to dispise Prime for what he did. But you made it really believable, and I like how you used Jason to break through to him. He clearly wasnt afraid of him and managed to keep a cool composure the entire time. I mean who better to talk to him than someone who's been there? Good job, I'm faving this. Jason is one of my favorite characters.

Green Gallant.

PS I cant believe this story only has one review that's such a crime. I'm going to get some of my friends to look at it,just for you. BTW the way you protray them, I can see them as being really good friends.
12/6/2007 c1 4Ripdos A.K.A The Bad Ash
That was so nice. I always thought him and jason could get along.

and I also thought that if some one took the time to talk to prime they could have avoided the mess around and after IC.

Why don't you make another chapter for this story

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